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Feb 18, 2011 02:52 PM

Metropolitan Cafe?

Found out I am going to be going to a dinner meeting for work at Metropolitan Cafe next week. I've never been there....any thoughts on the place?

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  1. If you mean the HORRIBLE place in Freehold...steer clear! YUCK! Maybe drinks and then have dinner elsewhere.......

    I once thought the place was OK, and that was all, then I went back...for lunch...I ordered a salad to start...ok... looked like the bag you buy in any supermarket, then a personal pizza. They should have said an Ellio's pizza... because it was exactly like that!!! (Think back to the 80's)

    Honestly the food is awful!!!! The staff is pretty nice......I rather have a sub sandwich at Sorrento's in Freehold before ever eating again in the Metropolitan!!!

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      oops...well, as i'm not paying for it anyway i will try to survive!!! thanks!

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        It's not that bad, if you are not the one to are fine! Just order a steak or a burger and you will be fine!!

        1. re: Angelina

          Agreed with keeping the order simple. Lots of Asian influenced choices on menu not well executed. Went a few months ago after a disappointing meal many years ago. Seem to recall that the short ribs were pretty good; everything else so-so.

    2. Used to be Good now it is Terrible. Read Latest Reviews. Let me start by saying Metro used to one of my and my wife's favorites, but unfortunately no longer. Last week on a Tuesday I decided to pick up takeout to bring home as a surprise. I got one of our favorites the KMK roll. Half the roll had no eel on the inside and there was very little tuna and what there was of it was not top quality. We then decided on Saturday to go to Metro for Dinner as a family hoping that the takeout was just an off night; unfortunately it was not. The KMK roll had the same exact problems and they were the highlight of the meal. The scallop sashimi was not cleaned and bordering on rotten. The soft shell crab in the spider roll was burnt and not edible. The calamari was obviously frozen and cooked in dirty old oil. The chicken fingers were breaded frozen most likely bought at Sam's Club and were inedible as well since they were cooked in the same dirty old oil. We voiced our complaints to the waitress who told the manager and she came back and offered us one dessert for the four of us, we accepted, but did not eat it. The dessert was Bananna's Foster Cream Pie. We each took a bite and left the rest it was a complete mess. Worse of all the manager only took the spider roll off the bill. I approached the manager on the way out and told him of all the problems with the meal and about the take out from only 5 nights before. While he apologized he did not really seem to care. If I was the manager and had a regular customer with such complaints I would have at least offered a gift card for next time, but probably would have comped the whole meal. It doesnt really surprise me that the food has gone so downhill since the manager was a former waiter with no managerial experience. Even the appearance of the place is falling apart. We sat upstairs and the sheetrock on the ceiling is hanging down with mold visible on the rafters. I will never dine at Metro again and I highly recommend others not waste their money there as well. Its a shame that a place that was so good has become so bad.

      Metropolitan Cafe
      8 E Main St, Freehold, NJ 07728

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        Most restaurant managers have no control over hiring in the kitchen, and I know for a fact that this is the case at Metro. The chef who has been there for the past handful of years used to be a chef at the old 75 South which was owned by the owners of Metro. So throwing the manager under the bus for the decline in food quality is entirely unwarranted...

        Obviously I can't speak about the manager's behavior in regards to the rest of your experience, though I will say this. The current GM has been with that restaurant since the day it opened, starting as a waiter, then bartender, then Assistant Manager, then General Manager. Who would be more qualified to run that restaurant than someone who has worked there for over a decade? So to disqualify the manager because he used to be a waiter there... are you kidding? All restaurant managers were waiters at some point, and if they weren't, they shouldn't be managing.

        1. re: JerZ Wine Geek

          This place is horrible...stay clear

          1. re: Gold

            I didn't say it was good, I just said that not everything can be pegged on the manager!