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Feb 18, 2011 02:37 PM

Best BBQ in DFW?

I used to live in DFW and was loyal to Angelo's; but it's been a long time and I am very eager to her what the consensus is these days about good, real Texas BBQ. I live in new York, and we can get almost everything here, but not real BBQ with lots of smoke taste.

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  1. Pecan Lodge at Dallas Farmers Market shed #2. I figure a photo is worth more than what I can say. This was taken today...

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    1. re: DallasDude

      I've been to there (Pecan Lodge) half a dozen times and NEVER had que that looks like the brisket you posted above, DallasDude. What am I doing wrong?

      All of my visits were in the month after the initial FCGBBQ report. Maybe they had a bad month.

      1. re: carter4133

        I went not once but three times this weekend checking for consistency and to seek out the burnt ends situation. Each time the BBQ was consistently photogenic and succulent (the real reason we eat BBQ). In the past months each visit has always been the same.

        I spoke with the owners on Saturday and they are extremely dedicated to their product. They sleep at their office at the Farmers Market to keep the fires going at night so that they can sell a few plates of really nice brisket. Is there better BBQ in Texas? Probably. Is there better BBQ in Dallas? I don't think so.

        I know BBQ can be extremely subjective but I really enjoy their stuff. If you like your brisket a little dryer, ask for it. If you prefer a fattier cut, they will comply. Me personally I like a mix.

        I would like to see them do a house-made sausage.

        1. re: DallasDude

          Did you try the burnt ends? What are they like and why is such a big deal made of them?

            1. re: Scagnetti

              Good question, Scagnetti. The burnt ends come from the tip of the brisket. This is the fatty knob on top. After the brisket has been smoked the tip is removed, layered in sauce then resmoked to render out more of the fat creating that sweet juicy cookie that is hard to come by. You can get about 2 orders off one brisket, or 10 orders in the typical case of Pecan Lodge.

              One of the reasons I went 3 days in a row was to actually get my order. I almost made it on Friday but gavlist beat me to the last order. I finally got mine Saturday and it was worth the wait. They tweet and Facebook on the days they served burnt ends. they serve with their housemade onion rings or strips.

              They also served up a wacky good peach and blackberry cobbler Saturday.

              1. re: DallasDude

                didn't realize I was depriving you, or I'd have offered to share.

      2. Pecan Lodge? Gimme a break. Here's a picture of real BBQ from Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor, Tx.

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        1. re: twinwillow

          Do you see the smoke ring? And it's in Shed 2 for chrissakes. Pecan Lodge also has burnt ends, something you would normally need to travel to KC for (which isnt a bad thought).

          1. re: twinwillow

            If you like gas and hit Big Al's in Dallas.

            1. re: CapGuy

              I had Big Al's last Thursday. It was my first visit since they moved into their new digs over a year ago. Brisket had a beautiful bark and nice light smoke rings. It looked better than it tasted but still tasted good enough to land in the top decile of Dallas que joints. I'd have no problem sending an out of towner here.

            2. re: twinwillow

              twinwillow, that's just not playing fair!
              Louie's is not the best in DFW, it's the BEST IN THE WORLD.

              1. Real Texas BBQ doesn't exist above 30 degrees latitude - just one of the hardships of life you must accept if you live above the line.

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                1. Search the dfw board for bbq, there are plenty of discussions and options

                  1. Pecan Lodge does have some pretty solid bbq. My only problem with them is what you get for the price. I got sliced beef and ribs (both excellent flavor, smokiness, consistency, etc) but only got three really small pieces of beef and a couple of smallish ribs for over 10 bucks.

                    Baby Back Shack is worth mentioning, although I've only had the ribs. They are easily some of the best ribs I've had in Dallas, and you can get boudain as a side to boot.
                    Smoke is another consideration, though not your traditional 'que place, they serve up some fine food.
                    Coopers in FTW is good if you are up to driving to the stockyards. The brisket is on par with some of the Central TX places, but I've found the ribs, especially the beef, to be a little tough.

                    Gotta agree with Twinwillow about Muellers, puts anything I've had in the DFW to shame.