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Feb 18, 2011 01:29 PM

Duck à l'orange, but with just breasts?

My wife would like me to make duck à l'orange (which I've never made in any way, shape or form) but it seems to me that a whole duck with be gross overkill for two people, not to mention the mess in the oven.

Anyone with an idea how I could make a version of this with just duck breasts and a combo of stovetop/oven? I've made magret de canard with great success but nothing like this.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I think you could make a great one without using the whole bird. I would confit the thighs/legs and then you'd have 2 meals. If you cut up the wings and body and then roast them in the oven, you will get duck fat for the confit and bones for a stock and brown bits to deglaze and use as basis for your orange sauce. Recipes seem to focus on stock plusGrand Marnier and oj, though I would add some lemon to cut what I think of as a too-sweet sauce and skip a thickner but instead just reduce the sauce well--maybe add some fresh orange supremes. So when's dinner?

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      Or this one <> simpler and much less interesting sounding.

      Anyway, it's not a strange or unusual concept and you should be able to pull it off easily.

    2. Try this, from Edward Schneider's column in the NY times Jan 5 2010: <>.

      Links are handled oddly here, so you may have to google it yourself, but he discusses exactly what you're looking for.

      1. Sorry for the delay in replying. I went through all my cookbooks and hardly any of them even had the Whole Bird recipe, let alone just breasts.For some reason the Typepad link doesn't work on this computer, but the NY times article looks like just what I need.

        Frankly, I'm leery of cooking a whole chicken, let alone a whole duck! However, now I'm thinking of scrapping the à l'orange idea and making duck burgers instead. A medium-rare sautéd duck breast already tastes like a fine Kobe filet mignon, so I'd imagine that if I ground one myself, it would make an outstanding burger, perhaps with some gorgonzola sandwiched between two patties and then grilled wrapped with Applewood-smoked bacon . . . but I'm definitely going to put your advice and links down in my Kitchen Notes book! Thanks for the help!