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Feb 18, 2011 12:44 PM

Hudson Valley Road Trip: Specific Restaurant Requests

Hi everyone,

My wife and I are heading from Brooklyn to the Hudson Valley on a road trip this weekend, and we're hoping you guys might be able to help out with some restaurant ideas. Our goal here is to find places that are distinctively Hudson Valley in some sense, whether that means a great view or farm-fresh ingredients or just some hot-dog stand that's legendary in the area.

We're looking for four things:

1. A spot for lunch/brunch en route to Dia:Beacon Saturday morning. Very flexible here, and willing to go (a little) out of our way for anything from a great old-school diner to an exceptional locavore-type place. Or to eat somewhere in Beacon itself.

2. A spot for dinner in the Woodstock area. Again, we're fine with ranging outside the town itself. First thought was the Bear Cafe.

3. A spot similar to #1, but this time en route from Woodstock to Hudson.

4. A spot for dinner in Hudson. First thought was Swoon Kitchenbar.

I defer to the experts. Thanks so much,


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  1. For Saturday morning, Off the Saw Mill in Chappaqua is the wonderful Le Jardin du Roi. Looks exactly like a French Bistro, but they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner there! Wonderful menu, the burgers are excellent, as is the pain perdu (French Toast)and the omelettes. (Don't know if you want breakfast or lunch). Great place!

    1. Beacon:
      84 Diner if you're in the diner mood:

      Right across the Newburgh-Beacon bridge is a good Peruvian place, Machu Picchu

      Pete's hot dogs in Newburgh has quite the following


      There is a Moroccan place in Saugerties that looks interesting... Fez. Not been yet.

      Not familiar enough with the Hudson area


      84 Diner
      RR 52, Fishkill, NY 12524

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        1. Swoon is definitely your best choice in Hudson. We've never had a disappointing meal there, and our recent ones have been better than ever.

          1. On the way up to Beacon, stop in Peekskill at Birdsall House. Exceptional locovore, premises made charcuterie. Get the deep fried egg in Wild Hive (NYS) soft polenta with mascarpone, sofrito and wilted spinach. It won't be so out of your way as much as getting up on the Rte. 9 route (rather than Taconic) in the second part of your trip.

            Birdsall House
            970 Main St, Peekskill, NY 10566