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Feb 18, 2011 12:25 PM

Need a fun place to host a 20th birthday party for my son and 15 friends?

Hi all - I will be visiting from Los Angeles and would like to host a 20th birthday party for my son and his friends. Generally they are meat starved college boys but I would like to go somewhere a little more adventurous than a steak house - something with great food that I can rave about back home! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!!

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  1. Do you have a budget in mind?

    One option that usually is well received is the Tiki Room at East Coast Grill.

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    1. re: Blumie

      Something moderate under $25 pp?

    2. Cambridge area would be easiest but willing to travel a little further for a memorable meal. I really appreciate the advice on CH - my past Boston eating experiences have been hit and miss. Thanks again!

      1. Sort of like steak but a little different: Brazilian BBQ? I've only been to Midwest Grill, and that was only once, and 5 years ago, so I won't be the one to recommend a particular spot. But of course this isn't really that much more adventurous than a regular steakhouse.

        Midwest Grill
        1124 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

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          Unfortunately, I had just read some pretty mediocre reviews on Yelp only yesterday! There is a Brazilian BBQ out here- fogo-de-chao that teen boys love. The beef is delicious but the sides are pretty uninspiring.

          Maybe Italian/Mediterranean/American ??? Budget will probably need to be a little higher too.

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            Maybe Portuguese? There's not a lot outside of the NE area, and they are often quite reasonably priced. Take a look at the choices in this thread:

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              I saw a review of a restaurant named Portugalia in Cambridge. Thank you for all these suggestions - I will run them by my son and see what he thinks!

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            I threw a birthday dinner for my 6'2" freshman and a dozen of his friends at the Midwest Grill. Great success. Giant exotic (?) salad bar and all the meat you can eat carved from sword like skewers.

            More recently I fed him (we call him " the garbage disposal") and three big, big and bigger fraternity brothers at Taiwan Cafe in Chinatown where dumplings with soup magically sealed inside (xia long bao) are way fun.

            If you could take over the All Star Sandwich Bar that would include something for everyone and plenty to eat.

            I also second East Coast Grill. Great vibe and memorable food.

            Tasty burger could be like a theme thing. 50's delights and a pool table.

            Mrs E, please let us know what you decide.

            All Star Sandwich Bar
            1245 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

            East Coast Grill and Raw Bar
            1271 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

            Midwest Grill
            1124 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

          3. Kebab factory or Redbones (both in somerville)...

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              "raving" level of food is a pretty high standard. I like the East Coast Grill idea.

              East Coast Grill and Raw Bar
              1271 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

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                It was meant to be inspiring to CHers for some creative thinking....:) Thanks for your input.
                Reading some of the reviews of other great restaurants on CH makes me want to explore some of them on my own or just with my son.

                1. re: Denise E

                  Yeah, there is a lot of great chow around. I hope you will get a chance to do some exploring while you are here. Take a look at this board and you will find a couple of very recent threads about dining alone.