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Feb 18, 2011 11:13 AM

Jazz Fest Food Recommendations at Fair Grounds

I actually haven't seen this discussed on this board before. What does everyone recommend for food at the Fair Grounds during Jazz Fest? I'm going down for Jazz Fest for the first time in probably about five years (the crowds finally got to me, but I've decided that I really have missed it).
Fond memories of the Crawfish Bread and it's hard to resist Crawfish many options, any opinions about the not to miss?

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  1. Welcome back to Jazzfest. Here's what still slays me at the Fairgrounds:
    Bacquet's trout w/ crab
    Duck and Pheasant Gumbo (Prejeans)
    Natchadoches meat pies
    Shrimp + grits
    The Galley's soft-shell crab po boy
    Crawfish Struedel

    As you know there's many more, but these are hard to say no to. Enjoy

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      I like rockbound's list, but would add the spinach/zucchini/crawfish bisque from Jamila's Restaurant on Maple Street, along with their merquez sausage, homemade, either on yellow basmati rice in a bowl or as a sandwich. With the fiery harissa sauce as a condiment, whew boy, that is some good eats! Oh, the spinach and zucchini are pureed and blended together, it's a smooth consistency, in case you were trying to visualized it. Always a crowd favorite.

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        It's actually pheasant quail and andouille gumbo, and it is the best thing in my opinion, eat it every day I am there.
        I am no longer a fan of the crawfish bread, it's not near as good as it once was years ago, but maybe my taste buds have changed.
        I'm a fan of the cuban sandwich as well, but sadly can't have gluten anymore.

        Rockbound, where is the shrimp and gritsbooth? i've been going for twenty years and don't ever recall seeing it.

      2. #1 for me is the Cochon de Lait poboy. I usually get at least one per weekend.

        Also, I print out the lists of which food is at which booth, and highlight things I don't want to miss. And print out the schedule of cooking demonstrations at the two locations, to try not to miss them. It's hard to do everything!

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          Everyone's favorite, the cochon po-boy. I also go for the white beans and everything at The Praline Connection.

          Don't forget to check out the cooking demo's in the clubhouse. You not only get to see some good chef's put things together but you get to sample the results for free

          Praline Connection
          542 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA 70116

        2. Do not miss Fireman Mike's Alligator Sauce Piquante. My only regret was that it was the first thing I ate last year and eclipsed everything I ate afterward.

            1. I'll second many of the suggestions offered here, especially the merguez sandwich, and add one:

              Creole's Stuffed Bread (break in half and douse insides with the green pepper sauce provided in squeeze bottle on counter)