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Feb 18, 2011 10:19 AM

Hummus Corner in Owings Mills

Just had lunch there today with my boyfriend. He had the mixed grill which consisted of Shish kebab, Kofta kebab, hummus, French fries, garlic sauce and pita bread and I had the Falafel sandwich. Everything was fresh and delicious..The Falafels and Hummus were really great. This is the real deal. The Owners are also very nice. We will definately be going back.

Hummus Corner
9201 Lakeside Blvd Owings Mills, MD 21117

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  1. As Lebanese-style hummus is my favorite, I am thoroughly addicted to this place. My... ummm... "friend" keeps faking food allergies to try and figure out the hummus ingredients. I'm not crazy about their pita, but every now and then The Fresh Market (off Greenspring Ave) has fresh pita, so I'll grab that on the way to Hummus Corner. (Beware. The Fresh Market staff always says everything is "fresh." You have to be very specific to make sure the pita came in that day.)

    The falafel are above average, and they will serve it with traditional Lebanese toppings which is nice. I will hassle them and find out if they just made the patties that day and then go enjoy some falafel. :)

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      I have to agree with you on the Pita bread..I really wish they made their own..but oooh the falafels are sooo good..