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Feb 18, 2011 09:48 AM

Sakanaya - Great New Japanese Fish Market in Allston

Just got back from lunch at Sakanaya. For $16.70, I had fresh sweet shrimp and tuna sashimi (about 3 orders), a toro "bowl" with rice, avocado and scallions, and pieces of Eel, Yellowtail and Fluke sushi.

This place is about as authentic as it comes vis-a-vis Japanese markets. Its in Allston at 75 Linden Street, and worthy of a try for anyone who is remotely educated about sushi.

The owner used to work at Japan's primary fish market and sells sashimi grade fish for a fraction of what it would cost to eat at a restaurant. Moreover, he'll slice it and provide it in a take out container for you, complete with shredded radish, ginger and wasabi.

A really great experience I felt that I had to share.

Fish Market
170 Brighton Ave, Boston, MA 02134

75 Linden St, Boston, MA 02134

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  1. Was that you in there when I was buying my yellowtail? ;)

    1. I wish their Twitter feed was in English so I could understand what the heck they were saying.

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      1. re: Mike5966

        The Google translations come up with some pretty funny things...

          1. re: Mike5966

            I absolutely love this!

            "Enjoy the taste of eating" is my next tattoo.

        1. I agree 100%. Best Japanese fish market I've seen in the States. Dude used to cut fish @ Tsukiji. Big Toro specials on weekends...

          1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

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            1. re: Luther

              They are open TU-SU. Closed Monday.
              Contact info:
              75 Linden St
              (between Gardner St & Brighton Ave)
              Boston, MA 02134
              Neighborhood: Allston/Brighton
              (617) 254-0009

              1. re: scotty27

                i agree that the sashimi is as good as it gets in boston; the owner will prepare sushi for you, too.

                I know that i am naive, but i think that i can buy and then adequately cut the fish at home. I then warm it for a minute or two in the oven, and the fish is ready. Just buy a sharp knife and cut try to cut it carefully and accurately.

                the owner seemed like a nice guy; I plan on doing my best to help him succeed. This was especially nice after hearing what has happened to Blue Fin in Porter Square - new owners and a decline in quality.

                Blue Fin
                1815 Massachusetts Ave # 1, Cambridge, MA

                1. re: cambridgedoctpr

                  I agree about cutting. I have four Japanese knives. You can buy some on the web. The owner, i bet, will teach you technique, too.

                  1. re: scotty27

                    i guess that i can ask the owner, but do you have any suggestions knives appropriate for cutting sashimi? to me, i would expect the taste to degrade even after a 10 minute ride back to cambridge.

                    1. re: cambridgedoctpr

                      Robuchon has knives under his brand made in Niigata. I have four. If you google the topic, or ask your favorite chefs in Boston or NYC about their favorite Japanese knives, you'll find what they use. I wouldn't worry about degradation; I've bought the fish at Sakanaya in the AM and cut it up hours later. This stuff is crazy fresh. The trick is knife skills: Paper thin slicing is not easy...but then what is? What is easy?

                      75 Linden St, Boston, MA 02134