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Feb 18, 2011 09:01 AM

tikka bytes? Anyone know anything about this truck/caterer?

I see they are in Palo Alto at Moxsie carts. Food looks/sounds fun. Anyone try it?

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    I'm always wary of those mix-and-match menus.

    1. Yes, I tried them for the first time this week. I had the paneer tacos with shahi and palaak sauces. Very tasty! Also grabbed a small container of two gulab jamun for $2; they were at room temp/somewhat cool; I'd reheat them slightly to soften them, but that's my preference.

      They seem to be new (2 months in operation according to their website), and also are eager for feedback. For example, they asked me if the two tacos are best served with two (total) tortillas. They know that traditionally it's usually two per taco (total of four), but thought they might be too starch-heavy that way. I suggested they might look into using the smaller taquito-sized tortillas. Of course once I left the truck I forgot to mention trying 3 larger ("regular taco"?) tortillas, in a staggered manner. In any case, for $3 for two tacos (filling-wise, at least), it seems like a good for me.

      1. I tried them when they were at Edgewood Eats a couple of weeks back. Had a tasty lamb over rice and a mango lassi. I liked what had a lot and would have hit them up again at Moxsie were I actually in town. Next time, I'll try the filling in what I recall was described as a cross between a samosa and chimichanga.

        1. Looks like they are regulars at Edgewood Eats as they were there again tonight. Since I'm really supposed to be dieting, I only got the newly announced "Fire Burrito". It came in a red tortilla (you want a naan, get the naanwich instead) and was veggies, biryani rice, chicken, and a nice fiery sauce. The sauce wasn't really one of those painful sauces that leaves you wishing an endless glass of milk, but it did have nice burn to it that makes salivate just thinking of it. Now that Edgewood Eats is going weekly, I'm going to have to be careful about my diet!