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Feb 18, 2011 08:52 AM

Late night (10.30-11pm) restaurant in Paris, Saturday night, nr Gare de Nord or in 6eme

Hiya all,

Boyfriend and I are arriving in Paris on a Saturday night in mid-March. Our Eurostar train arrives into GdN at 10.15pm.

We are staying in an apartment in the 6eme (specifically Rue Mazarine) so I'm on the hunt for a restaurant that will still be open and serving around that time either near the station or in the area of the apartment.

Trying not to blow the budget on the first night, so a reasonable cost.

We are both happy meat and fish eaters, but nowhere Veggie or non-European please (boyfriend is a 'traditionalist'... bane of my epicurian life!!)

Thank so much!


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  1. Last order at Fish Le Boissonerie on rue de Seine is 10:45, cutting it pretty close but maybe possible if you take a cab from GdN. 69 Rue de Seine Tel: 1 43 54 34 69

    At 21, rue Mazarin (Paul Minchelli's understated fish-centered restaurant) last order at 11pm. Tel: 01 46-33-76-90 (No sign; just "21" on the awning.}

    Sticker: reservations probably necessary at either.

    1. There is a rather good (according to my parents, who ate there recently and recommended it) Alsatian restaurant directly across the street from Gare de l'Est, on rue du 8 Mai '45 called la Strassbourgeoise. Checking the web, it says they are open until midnight, so that should do you just fine, a short walk from Gare du Nord.

      1. Be prepared for big taxi queues at GdN especially when the Eurostar gets in (although mine is more mid-week experience when there are lots of business travellers), and it is a good long walk from the back of the train to the taxi or metro. So suggest you take that into account with timings for restaurants - 10:30 is optimistic.

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        1. re: PhilD

          Very good point.
          The brasseries across the street are not destination restos but are ok as stuck-destination eateries. They may be your least bad option - not to mention last chance - to eat that late at night.

          1. re: Parigi

            Well, if we're considering 'least bad options', why not Brasserie Lipp on Blvd St Germain? It's not far from the OP's apartment, and their website says they're open until 1am. I also wonder how late the crêperies on rue St André des Arts are open, as they might also be an option (should the OP want to walk down that way). In both cases, hunger makes the best sauce.....

        2. Taxis are difficult to come by at the Gare du Nord when the Eurostar gets in, especially on a Sunday. If bf's a "tradionalist", and if you don't come with too much luggage, duck into the Métro and get on the line 4, southbound, direction Porte d'Orleans - they sell carnets on the Eurostar. Get off at Les Halles and go to 'Chez Denise', or 'Le Tambour'. it's not destination dining, but it's definitely different from London, and neither establishment will break the bank.

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          1. re: vielleanglaise

            Thank you so much everyone - what an incredible response and I'm hugely gratified to you all.

            Chez Denise and Brasserie Lipp look great - both in terms of pitching us straight in to that Paris feeling and also because they're open good and late so no pressure on taxi/metro journey.

            One last question - would we need to book at either/both?

            1. re: AdviceGratefullyReceived

              Lipp: definitely earlier in the evening, it may be easier later but to be safe I would.

          2. Why not le Comptoir? Good food, serves late, no gastronomic business on weekends and holidays.

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            1. re: souphie

              Thank you Souphie - I'm a bit of a Paris neophyte (this will be my first non-business sejourn there in 20 years!!) so can you clarify the details of le Comptoir as Google throws up a couple. I assume you mean the one attached to the Relais St Germain but just wanted to double check.

              1. re: souphie

                Does it (Le Comptoir) take orders that late? IIRC last orders are 10:30 or 11:00 which is quite tight from GdN.