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Feb 18, 2011 08:50 AM

Who's been to Noble American Cookery since Brinn Sinnott took over?

I was thinking of going back there, I went when they opened and it was decent, but I haven't been back since. How is it now? I've searched the board and haven't turned up much about it since Brinn Sinnott took over the kitchen about a year ago.

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  1. I have been there twice in the last six months. The first just to have a drink at the bar... and I really believe Noble is doing great cocktails.

    The second I went for one of the prix fixe Sunday specials. I remember having a nice scallop appetizer, and the gnocci, which had a bit too much butter for me. Dessert was not memorable.

    Overall worth the time, the 38 dollar four course prix fixe menu special on Sundays is a deal, and they permit BYO on Sundays.

    1. I went over the summer, everything was good but nothing was memorable, except for the chickpea fries, which I really liked. In general, I'd go back, but for the money there are a lot of places I'd go first.

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        Pretty much what barryg said. I remember the cocktails I had being great but the food nothing that wowed me for the price (and the small portions). I'd go back for a drink at the bar and a light bite there but I'm rarely in the city except at lunch time these days, so it hasn't happened.

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          Was there on Tuesday, it was ok. I got the chicken and it was a beautiful presentation but the flavor was ok, nothing to write home about. My companion's duck was very good. the portions were small for the price. Ok would be the overwhelming word that comes to mind. I miss Cibucan, the restaurant that used to be in that location.