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Feb 18, 2011 08:29 AM

Black truffle salt ideas

Hi all, I was just given a jar of Dean & DeLuca's black truffle salt and wanted ideas on what I can do with it. I spent some time looking at past discussions and they invariable become debates on the merits of different salts, oils, regions, kinds of truffles, etc. I found that interesting but am much interested in recipes, uses, and flavors that work with black truffle salt in particular. Any ideas?

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  1. Sounds like it's more of a finishing salt, than one you would cook with. I too was given four jars of different salts from D&D, but not the black truffle one, darn!

    I would add it to cooked potatoes, pasta, steamed veggies, scrambled eggs. Anything that is prepared rather simply, so as not to mask the subtle flavor & aroma of the black truffle. Enjoy it!

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      It's all about the scrambled eggs for me too with this stuff. And I don't even like fake truffle stuff!

    2. I always have some on hand and use it mainly on egg dishes and fries. As Phurstluv suggested I also use it on steamed, grilled or roasted veg. Oh, another yummy thing is to sprinkle it on grilled bread that has been drizzled with olive oil.

      1. grilled cheese sandwiches! . seriously, i would opt for milder chesses , versus anything funky or fancy for that matter. A gruyere, or even a deli cheese ... swiss, provolone, munster. use olive oil instead of butter . actually butter would probably would work fine , just use unsalted.

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          just remembered this as well , arugula, pecorino ,lemon juice,tomatoes (beefsteak) and truffle salt to taste with olive oil is delicious , and i prefer that to truffle oil because its very easy to over do the oil and a majority of truffle oil available at 'normal' places aren't even made with real truffle by product.

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            I love it on really soft boiled eggs - the kind where the yolk is completely runny. Delicious.

        2. i havent tried this yet but i bet you can make unsalted butter into a good truffle butter. let it sit mixed for a few hours and serve it with breads etc