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Feb 18, 2011 08:26 AM

Recommendations around Smith Mountain Lake State Park? Roanoke? Blue Ridge, VA?

We're spending the long weekend at a cabin in the Smith Mountain Lake State Park and I'm looking for recommendations for some restaurants, markets, general fun things to do in the area. We're looking for some low key places for bfast and lunch and one nice place for dinner. We've never been to the area, so this is our first trip. Also, I'm wondering if Blue Ridge, VA is worth a stop.


Blue Ridge Restaurant
113 E Main St, Floyd, VA 24091

Mountain Lake
115 Hotel Cir, Pembroke, VA 24136

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  1. I found few suggestions for this area when I was planning a trip last summer, so I posted a report for future visitors:

    If you are game for a longer drive and interested in an amazing, leisurely dinner you might want to check out Town House in Chilhowie. Pricey, but worth it!

    Town House
    132 E Main St, Chilhowie, VA 24319

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    1. My uncle lives on SML and a place that I always love visiting is the Dudley Mart. It's a great place for breakfast that is in a renovated old school. It's pretty cool.

      Dudley Mart & Restaurant
      6674 Burnt Chimney Rd, Wirtz, VA 24184

      1. Just bumping this up. Going this coming week and looking for any new suggestions. Thanks!

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          There are several good places to eat around the lake. One really good place is Bernard's Gastro Pub at the Landing restaurant in Moneta. His version of Canadian poutine is really something. Go at happy hour, sit with a view of the lake, or out on the deck. Nice.

          In summer there is a neat little place on a floating dock called Portside, also in Moneta. They have a casual Key West theme. Their cubano (cuban sandwich) reminded me of others I had on Calle Ocho in Miami, way better than most around here.

          For an upscale atmosphere try Blackwater cafe.

          For views get a window table at Chopsticks (average Chinese food) or Mexico Viejo (somewhat below average Mexican).

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            This doesn't really help the OP, but I thought I would post it anyway. I am there a few weekends a year, and would love to hear if anyone else has any intel on the area. We come from DC, so anything along that 29/460/122 route would be of interest.

            First, avoid the FoodLion and the Shop-Rite at all costs. The Kroger in Westlake, instead, is a great supermarket and really can satisfy almost any gourmet shopping list. Produce, bakery, deli, cheese, meats, and even wine are well covered. Seafood is not. Frozen shrimp are OK and farmed raised salmon etc looks good on Thurs and Fri only.

            There is a seafood truck on Sat AMs on Scruggs Rd just east of Rt 122. Again, everything was pre-frozen, but it is certainly better frozen. Fish filets, shrimp, crab legs, etc. We've also had the clams, which are great. Just wash them off, throw them on the grill, and scoop them off when they've opened.

            For real upscale meat/poultry/etc, EcoFriendly Foods is located in Moneta. You can google them. Bev Egglston is considered a pioneer in this area. They supply almost all of the very, very top restaurants in DC with pork, lamb, beef, chicken, rabbit, etc. The plant in Moneta has a retail shop open weekdays 9 - 4PM. Everything is frozen, but there is a wide selection. Caution: this stuff is NOT cheap. Chickens are $22 each. We also had hangar steak and pork chops which we enjoyed.

            There is also produce in Moneta on Rt 122 at the Flower Stand. It's fine but limited. There is a farmers market right in Westlake on Sat morninings during the summer months. There is a "community" market north of the Lake on Rt 122 also on Sat AMs. We enjoyed the amish produce stand just past Burnt Chimney on the left. "McGregor's" maybe (?). You will see an large old wooden wagon full of produce and a young lady in her long print dress helping buyers.

            Do not dine out. Fallons, Jonathans, Blackwater, Water Front Country Club, Harrisons, pizza, etc are all awful. Awful.

            The Bernard's Landing is pretty darn good, but it too is not cheap. $28 entrees. They opened up a bar/pu next door. Only open for lunch on weekends. Our favorite is the Duck In (Chevron Station in West Lake) for the BEST egg/ham/cheese biscuits and the Dairy Queen for ice cream cake.

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              Tuscany tavern, old oak cafe, homestead creamery Mitchell's point marina restaurant pizza n wings, Jake's is ok but a lil pricey, is a good place to eat. Chops at Bridgewater is good. We have hiked up peaks of otter which you need to be ready to climb its not an easy hike but well worth it for scenery.