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Feb 18, 2011 08:18 AM

Bruno in Wake Forest, NC Anyone been?

The recent review in the News and Observer piqued my interest. Can anyone vouch?

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  1. We are going there for dinner on Friday - I'll be sure to report back. We haven't been before, but have heard really good things.

    1. Good morning, all. Well, went to Bruno last night for our anniversary, and I'm afraid it was a miss for me. There were some pleasant parts, so please feel free to let me know what I missed if anyone else has been.

      * Very high ceilings (exposed), which made it very noisy, even for such small place. They need to ad much more fabric to absorb all the chatter
      * We had reservations and still had to wait 10/15 minutes for our table.
      * One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is the wait staff not taking the drink order fairly soon after being seated. I am much more happy to sit in a place all freaking night if I have a martini keeping me company. It took a long time for the waitress to come to the table to take drink order. I had to flag her down.
      * Slow service. We were there from like 8:15 - 10:00, I think. I think I saw 3 wait staff + a water/bread server. I think the problem was they need to add kitchen staff. The dining room is small, so I think the slowness is coming from the kitchen-side.
      * I wasn't particularly tantalized by the menu, but please judge for yourselves:‎

      * Nice bread that was brought (and refilled later
      )* I don't generally eat a whole bunch at dinner time, so I just ordered the Oysters Rockerfeller from the appetizer menu and the flavor was fantastic. I mean, cheese, bacon & spinach will make anything delicious, I guess. The oysters were fairly small, but it isn't quite oyster season yet, I suppose.
      * BF ordered snapper and he was very pleased with it. It came with some clams on the side, I think. To me, it was a touch overcooked, but not bad
      * BF got a side of fettucini with braised meat and he described it as "nice." He is very picky with pasta, so someone else may rave about it.

      We got a slice of ricotta cheesecake for dessert and I can't decide if I liked it or not.

      We had a bottle of champagne (anniversary), my Oysters Rockerfeller, Snapper entree, and cheesecake was $123

      The food was definitely good, but, well.... I probably don't have any desire to go back. I really wanted to like it, but there was just something missing for me.