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Feb 18, 2011 07:46 AM

Epcot (or Magic Kingdom) dining in the park

I'm going to Epcot (and can hop over to the Magic Kingdom) tomorrow (Saturday 2/19). I have about $130 bonus Disney dollars from my credit card that I'm unlikely to ever spend outside of the park. Is there any "must do" restaurants or experiences in the park that I should check out? Without any research I would probably head over to the French place since I've had good food there before.

I haven't been to Epcot in 5? or so years so anything new I am unaware of. Also the $$ are not usable in the parks themselves (they may not be technically "Disney dollars" since they are from Chase but they are similar). So no V&A, although $130 would only cover the cost to come in and watch other people eat there anyway. :P

I can go over that budget for somethng good but I want to spend in the $130- $200 range for 2 people so the bucks don't go to waste.

Thanks for any insight!

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  1. I said the opposite of what I meant. I meant to say "the $$ are only usable inside the parks", not outside.

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      Cat Cora's new restaurant, Kouzzina, at the Boardwalk resort (near Epcot) is very good-we ate there twice last week. Mediterranean. The Flying Fish at the Boardwalk is also very good. My two favorites at Epcot are the french restaurants and the Rose and Crown in England (very casual and typical fish n chips shepard's pie fare-maybe too casual). I hear the Canadian steakhouse is great but apparently difficult to get reservations. There isn't much in the Magic Kingdom that is a standout. If you wanted to make the trip to Hollywood Studios the Brown Derby is also very good. Didn't care for the Italian at Epcot last time we ate there 2 years ago.

      Flying Fish
      Disneys Boardwalk Resort, Orlando, FL 32830

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        Cat Cora's is on Disney property, but not in the 4 Disney parks.

        If you can get in Le Cellier (Canada section of Epcot) they have a good selection of steaks & seafood, plus a good version of Cheddar Cheese soup. The menu is in the link below. I try to avoid eating in the Magic Kingdom whenever I can manage it.

    2. You probably already know this, but they don't serve booze in the Magic Kingdom. Found that out the hard way one can survive a day in "stroller" hell without even a glass of red I'll never know!

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        If you only have a one park pass to MK and want a drink with your lunch or dinner you can always exit the park and go to one of the resorts on property to get a glass of wine.