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Feb 18, 2011 07:42 AM


Has anyone been to Fabarnak on Church St., which got a good write-up today on blogTO:

"Since opening in October, word has slowly gotten out about the cafe/restaurant's unique menu of sustainable, homemade foods. Everything served at Fabarnak, right down to the ketchup served with the "Cosy" gluten-free elbow pasta with four local cheeses ($12), is made on site. Fabarnak smokes it own meats, makes its own soup stocks, even creates its own evergreen oil for its vegan "Comfy" soup, a tomato bisque with gouda and croustade ($4 or $9, depending on size)."

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  1. I went for lunch today and it was great, interesting food, and the prices are fantastic. I have never had better value. Highly recommended. Ambience is nice, but can be clangy or loud depending on the crowd.

    1. I went a few weeks ago - it's amazing, good value and they do positive things for the community.

      1. I"ve been Fabarnak. The food is tasty and sophisticated. My criticism is that it tends to have a lot of fat, especially in the desserts. I had the pork sandwich there a month ago, and the bread was dripping in butter.

        1. The chef i sGerman. Th e food is excellent , but it shows. You just have to like it that way.
          The baking is superb.
          See previous post.