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Feb 18, 2011 06:17 AM

Are the Bakers and Pastry Makers the Peacemakers?

I've noticed that the bakers and pastry makers on TV all seem to be very gentle, patient people. I can see why bakers need patience, and pastry makers, too.

Do you think this observation rings true? Do you know bakers that don't fit this stereotype?

Does your personality direct which type of food-creation that you do?
(I'd say in my case that baking is not my main focus because I don't need the calories that are in most kinds of baked items; nor is it "worth it" because there are just two of us to eat. Also, it seems that I would need more space in my kitchen to do baking).

<And sauté-ers are the Type "A" group? LOL>

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  1. Thank God for the pulsating grip of the gluten
    as we seek to the flour and give it good knead.

    Done in a peaceful and exercised journey to times of the dough atavistic.
    Shoulders and elbows conjoin as we think back and join with the wheat.

    There is touch with those cultures that maintain a daily community oven
    and find rhythm of daily of breaking of bread.

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    1. I'm guessing you never watched Top Chef Just Desserts? Baking requires precise measurements and tends to draw more anal retentive people who want to do that. And, yes, I'm a "baker" type.

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      1. re: chowser

        Agreed on Just Desserts. That show did not make pastry chefs look like "gentle, patient people"!

      2. I bake. Lots of bread and sweets. But I do not fit the mold (har)! I am neither patient or precise.

        The person toting the wine or bourbon is the peacemaker in my dog-eared and tattered book.

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        1. re: Sal Vanilla

          The person toting the wine or bourbon is the peacemaker in my dog-eared and tattered book.
          amen :)

        2. I love to cook AND bake - and I am not particularly patient nor gentle. (Although I will say that I make major exceptions when it comes to my son, children in general, my getting-on-in-age parents and my pets. :) )

          I do have to be in a particular mood to bake, whereas I am almost always ready to cook. And generally speaking I avoid a lot of fussy decorating etc. I really do not have the patience or the attention span for that kind of stuff. I love looking at such work, such as very intricate piping, etc., and I can appreciate the artistry of it - I just usually can't be bothered.

          1. I enjoy baking, too, and like Sal Vanilla, I am not particularly patient or precise. (Unless it's a birthday cake for a special someone.) My feeling is that bakers may SEEM like the peacemakers because nothing soothes the savage beast like a nice brownie.