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Feb 18, 2011 06:17 AM

Long Island suggestions in/near Melville, NY

I will be in Melville NY next weekend for a fishing seminar and will have a group of 4 people. Are there any suggestions for a place to eat in Melville or nearby towns? any cuisine - tavern type place OK, any Greek places or good ethnic?? thank you

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  1. Best in Melville, Four Food Studio. Also worth a look, Blackstone Steak House, both south of LIE. Up 110 there's a new sandwich place, Roast and, further up, a Chipotle. Plenty of undistinguished Italian places. Best deli is probably Suburban.

    Where's your fishing seminar?

    Steak House
    PO Box 164, Thendara, NY 13472

    Four Food Studio
    515 Broadhollow Road, Melville, NY 11747

    1. You could also drive north on rte 110 to Huntington village, a culinary mecca on LI. Cheap to not so meals that are good to be found here. Consider Bistro Cassis, Osteria da Nino. Honu Kitchen and Cocktails, Sal D's, or one of many pubs. There's Spice Village Grill and several Japanese places (though I'd avoid the hibachi ones like the plagues they are), etc...

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        Four is one of my favorites, but wouldn't consider it pub-like in the least. Also, Blackstone is north of the LIE, not south. As far as pub-like places, we used to go to a place called Rosewoods when I worked in an office near there, just north of the LIE. However, you will get much better food if you venture up into Huntington Village, lots of great places. Also, not far off Route 110 on Jericho Tpke is Piccolo Bussola, and family style Italian place that would be good for 4 people. There's a Matteo's there too, but I like Piccolo Bussola better.
        Now, if they are not foodie types, there is also Dave & Buster's if you are with a group of guys that just wanted relax and go a little crazy.

        Dave & Buster's
        1856 Veterans Hwy, Islandia, NY 11749

      2. A good pub just 5 minutes from Melville is The Republic Pub, 217 Main Street, Farmingdale. Good beer. Irish chow, including pot pie, fish & chips, etc.

        1. I am meeting friends for dinner on Tuesday and we want a place with decent food, atmosphere and prices in the Melville/ Farmingdale area. Italian, pubs, casual (no chains) are all good. Loud is not. I've been searching for a while now using these boards, Zagat, Newsday, Google and Yelp and I'm not coming up with much. Any feedback on the following restaurants would be much appreciated:
          1)La Piazza - Newsday recently did a short write-up on this new Melville branch and said it was good
          2)Verona in Farmingdale
          3)Cirella in Melville