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Looking for pork belly

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I need two pounds of pork belly for a recipe. Where can I find it in the D.C. area?

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  1. I know Pam Am in Laurel sell it or try any H-mart location

    1. Try calling Let's Meat on the Avenue in Del Ray. If he doesn't have it on hand, he'll be happy to order it for. Last time I ordered, it was there 24 hours laters.

      1. I buy it at the Latino market in Riverdale that used to be a Giant. I can't remember the name of the store, but it's at the shopping center where Kenilworth meets 410.

        1. I bought a big hunk of pork belly at the P Street Whole Foods about 2 weeks ago.

          1. Whole foods has pork belly. Super H Mart has pork belly.

            1. If you want really good, humanely raised Pork Belly - Try Ecofriendly farms at the Dupont Farmers Market on Sunday - It's the second stall in on the right from Mass Ave. It's more expensive, but since you only need 2 lbs....

              If I need large quantities, I'll go to H-mart - The Butchers at Eastern Market also carry it. But there is a remarkable difference with the first option above....

              1. You can probably find it at any of the Asian supermarkets in the DC area. I frequent Grand Mart in Gaithersburg often and they always have it.

                Grand Mart
                6255 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, VA 22312