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Feb 18, 2011 04:28 AM

sweet potatoes / squash ideas

I'm trying to cook more sweet potatoes and butter nut squashes because my fiance likes them. They are easy enough to cook but I don't really know how to fit them into a whole meal. The strong taste seems to over power everything else so I usually make them as a stand alone dish like butternut squash soup or something.

What do they pair well with? I'm thinking maybe pork since it stands up to sweet things and fruit pretty well.

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  1. A classic use in my house is to put the sweet potatoes or squash, cubed, into an ancho-chile based beef stew. The flavors go together perfectly.

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      Both winter squash and sweet potato pair very well with chile powder. I like to roast cubes of squash in a chili powder, butter, cinnamon and maple syrup mixture.

      Left over sweet potatoes make a good lunch. Reheat the potato in the microwave and split in half. Top each half with curry powder and what ever left over green vegetable you have on hand (brocolli and leafy greens like spinach or chard work well). Then put a few scoops of yoghurt on top along with whatever garnishes you would like (I like to use cilantro,sriracha and scallions). You can go with whatever works for you. This turns into a really healthy lunch and it tastes good too

    2. There's a difference between butternut and butterCup squashes. I don't care for butternut because I think the flavor is bland so I'm surprised you think the taste overpowers everything else.
      Last night we had squash and pasta (the squash sauce was more like a soup), barbecued pork chops and broccoli.
      I use either sweet potatoes or butterCup squash in Massaman Curry. I just buy the little cans of curry at the Asian market and follow the recipe on the can.
      My favorite way to prepare butterNut squash is to roast large cubes with brown sugar and butter. It turns out very sweet.
      I do not think winter squash goes well with fish unless it was a spicy dish like a jambalaya or creole. For us, mashed winter squash is traditional with Thanksgiving turkey.
      If you have a small amount leftover you can use it for Pumpkin Ale bread. (If you don't have any Pumpkin Ale, just use any kind of beer. This is a quick bread but not like the sweet kinds of pumpkin bread people usually make.
      How are you preparing the sweet potatoes and squash? I don't usually add any extra flavorings like nutmeg or cinnamon.

      1. I like winter squahes or sweet potatoes served alongside greens , especially broccoli rabe or escarole or endive, where the bitterness plays off the sweet. Though winter squashes vary a lot in sweetness. I like them with butter and pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. They are wonderful served with beans and grains also.

        1. - chipotle-laced sweet potatoes
          - roasted sweet potatoes with garlic, rosemary, salt & pepper
          - bean & sweet potato taco filling
          - sweet potato, corn & jalapeno chowder