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Feb 18, 2011 03:52 AM

Deal: $50 for $150 of Organic Meats at The Butchers
$50 for $150 Worth of Organic and Naturally Raised Meats at The Butchers

I've been posting some of the previous deals that The Butchers has been offering. I go there often myself because I like their products and the staff is friendly. They're also opening a fish store in the next few months right across the street.

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  1. I suggest anyone who is considering buying this to read that other thread first. May or may not be a good deal for you.

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    1. re: ylsf

      Sorry... perhaps I missed something, but would you mind directing me to the other thread?

    2. Just to give you my POV, I''ve just returned from the Butchers, I'd called them yesterday to order veal shanks for Osso Buco.

      The meat was cut to order, I asked for string round them, which they did. Everything in the cases were priced, I was treated wonderfully, couldn't have asked for better service.

      By the way, the meat was priced at $11.99 lb. For organic meat, to me, that isn't exorbitant.

      I don't know where the people on the other thread got their information but this, to me, is no con. Far from it.

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      1. re: Helen

        I agree with you, Helen. It's a great store. I've been going there for a couple of years now. I've also purchased coupons from several of these 'deals'. I've used a few with no problem. I think there's a little paranoia from some of the posters on the other threads.

        1. re: Yongeman

          So you don't think there would be an issue if I pre ordered products from their store and then use the coupon for my purchases?

          1. re: callitasicit

            Why don't you just go in and choose what you want from the counter? Don't flash the coupon until you're going to pay. I have had 'Zero" problem with coupon purchases at the Butchers. Most of the speculation in the other thread is just that...speculation.

        2. re: Helen

          I don't understand why they are asking people if they are using a "coupon" or not. Why does it matter? And to tell one customer "if you are using a coupon you have to e-mail your order, we are too busy with other customers and don't want to tie up our telephone line" is pretty lame if you ask me (I am paraphrasing but you can see this in the other discussion).

          Regardless, I bought one of the vouchers and I will probably pre-order and pick up in store. It does sound like the quality of the meat is good,etc but there are some weird practices (like, sometimes meat prices being labeled, sometimes not, asking people if they are using vouchers before giving prices, etc.). Maybe some of this stuff has changed and isn't relevant anymore ...

          1. re: ylsf

            The meat is not being labeled so they can make up the prices as they go. The point is that they are raising the prices if you have a coupon. Although Helen may have had a good experience there are a fair number of negative reports as well. Why take a chance with a shady business? There are plenty of other butcher stores.

            1. re: sbug206

              Have you been in to the shop, sbug206? As Helen stated earlier today, "The meat was cut to order, I asked for string round them, which they did. Everything in the cases were priced, I was treated wonderfully, couldn't have asked for better service."
              So according to Helen today, the meat is labelled. That's always been my experience, too.

              1. re: Yongeman

                I had a good experience as well, i think it is a bit much to be labeling them a "shady business"

            2. re: ylsf

              I was not asked if I had a coupon - !!!

              1. re: BuddSugerman

                I went there today and glad to find all prices were marked in the glass counter. The last 2 times I went, there were no price al all. They did not ask me about the coupon (all 3 times). I'm happy with the quality of the beef (rib eye and striploin)and lamb (rack of lamb $24.99/lb). With the discount, I think it's a good buy.

          2. I just wanted to describe my second shopping experience with The Butchers. My first experience was very positive and described here:


            All the meats that I've tried from that purchase have been excellent, with the strip loin steaks standing out as truly excellent.

            Last week I emailed to order an 8-pound, bone-in pork shoulder for pick up today. My email exchanges with someone named Serina were really pleasant and she happily provided my with the price per pound, with no mention of coupons at all ($6.99/lb, btw, much cheaper than Cumbrae's, where I had a heart attack the last time I picked up 10 pounds of pork shoulder and forked out over a $100). Well, for various reasons, I was going to be without a car on my pick up date (Friday), and I emailed to ask if I could pick it up that very day (Thursday). Serina told me they were getting the pork delivery that morning, and could have my shoulder ready for early afternoon.

            My husband picked up the order, which was waiting for him, along with a bunch of other meat. He said the place was packed but service moved along quickly and efficiently. When I finally thought to look at the pork shoulder at 6 pm that evening, I realized that they had only cut a 5 pound piece. I was really upset, as I wasn't going to be able to get back to the Butchers before I had to prepare my dish, and they closed at 6 pm. My husband called on the off chance that they might still be open. He explained the situation and they said "sure, come on down, we'll cut a new piece for you right now". So they let my husband in almost half an hour after they closed and gave him another 4 pounds of shoulder. When my husband tried to pay, they didn't want to take it, and apologized for the error. After some protest, they took a small fraction of what the meat was worth and my husband came home with my much needed pork.

            9 pounds of pork shoulder are happily marinating in the refrigerator right now, and I just wanted to give a shout out to The Butchers for really excellent customer service from beginning to end. They've been getting a lot of grief on this board from people who haven't seemed to actually have shopped there, and I wanted to provide a bit of a counterpoint.

            If the quality of the pork shoulder is half as good as the quality of their steaks, I will be more than satisfied. It's hard to go wrong with pork shoulder, but I'll report back on the quality on Sunday.

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            1. re: TorontoJo

              Excellent service, above par. I also had a good shopping experience with them.

              1. re: TorontoJo

                They are such nice people TorontoJo. Although it's a lot more crowded now, and toward the end of the day the selection isn't always great, I love shopping there. Now with all of these 'deals', I can actually afford to. ; )

                1. re: Yongeman

                  I wonder what percentage of that crowd had the deal!

                  1. re: jmarcroyal

                    Hard to tell, but certainly a significant number of them. It was always a fairly busy operation, but now...much more so.

              2. I also bought into a coupon and used it once about three weeks ago, went back today; not only was the place sold out BUT the prices have jumped, have been marked in higher than they were when I first was in the store. I should have used up my $150 that day and received my full value!.

                Today a NY Strip steak cost me $28 per pound. I have purchased organic food for years, most recently at Whole Foods, where the price is $20 per pound TODAY at regular prices - NO sale. I just called.

                Whole Foods ranks as the market leader and standard bearer for organic and natural foods. $28 per pound at The Butcher on Yonge street is outrageous.

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                1. re: stissenb

                  That's on par with this price list they had posted along a coupon from deal ticker

                  1. re: chocabot

                    Yes, I have since checked the prices and found this as well.

                  2. re: stissenb

                    The current price for NY Striploin is $25.99 for organic beef at The Healthy Butcher. It still sounds like a pretty awesome deal with your coupon at The Butchers.

                    The Healthy Butcher
                    565 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

                  3. Can anyone comment on the quality of meat they've received when redeeming a groupon/dealcatch/dealfind/etc.?

                    And - has anyone been able to receive a refund from the deal supplier because of this mishegos?

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                    1. re: MeMeMe

                      The quality had been excellent both times I've use a coupon.

                      1. re: MeMeMe

                        Why would the deal need to be refunded? Have you ever been to The Butchers? I'm really not sure what you are talking about, MMM.

                        1. re: Yongeman

                          We want a refund on this 'deal' because of all of the nasty reviews, price gouging, lack of selection, lack of quality reported. That's all - and yes - i have been to the Butchers (once).

                          1. re: MeMeMe

                            Oh ok, I agree that you're probably best advised to get the refund. That's a lot of negativity.

                            1. re: Yongeman

                              Really?? The reports I've been reading have all been very positive related to quality and service. Given the number of coupons they sold, I'm not surprised that they may have some stocking issues on the weekends, particularly Sundays. Also, the prices in the store seem to be the same as the price that was posted for this deal.

                            2. re: MeMeMe

                              Since you had been there once, did you buy anything? How's the quality?

                              1. re: ace123

                                Years ago - a couple of steaks. It was fine....

                                1. re: MeMeMe

                                  I was there this afternoon and tried to use my coupons, but no dice. They had very little selection, no sausages, very few steaks (ribeyes only I think), no beef short ribs, they had maybe 1/4 of their regular selection.

                                  MeMeMe I think you should go for the refund. Others on this board seem to regularly post about how great this place is. I've written about my negative experiences in the past, some of these posts have been deleted by the moderators; although everything I posted was accurate, it was useful info for the community here, and it was respectful.

                                  1. re: BuddSugerman

                                    In their defence (as usual), The Butcher's was closed yesterday due to refrigerator repairs. Maybe they couldn't get fully restocked, although I was there around noon and the supply was reasonably plentiful. I got a couple of nice striploins with a coupon.

                                    1. re: Yongeman

                                      Yongeman, to my knowledge The Butcher's is now closed on Mondays (check their website). This is the reason I went today - because I figured that the Monday closure allowed for them to get re-stocked for Tuesday. When I asked the woman behind the counter why they had no supply on hand, she simply stated that 'it's late in the day' (it was 3:30pm). She indicated that this was pretty much normal. She basically said I needed to come earlier to get a greater selection. She never mentioned anything about fridge repair.

                                      Yongeman you seem to be a big fan of the place, but would you concede that given what I encountered today was something I've encountered on at least 1/2 of my visits there, that this is not a good thing for customers?

                                      1. re: BuddSugerman

                                        I wonder why they don't stock enough to last the whole day. Most people work during the day and can't be running off to the butcher. And why not just close at 3:00 pm if there is nothing left? When I go to the butchers near me (such as Ellas) they always have the shelves fully stocked and if they are low on anything, they get it from the walk-in cooler.

                                        1. re: BuddSugerman

                                          Sorry for not responding sooner, BuddSugerman, but I've been out of town. To my knowledge, the selection at the end of the day has historically been somewhat limited, but with all the 'deal' action, it's been magnified greatly. It's a fairly small shop, and they just can't keep up with the current volume, it appears. That's not great for those who have to shop in the pm, obviously.
                                          I can tell you that I did see the sign on the door Monday indicating fridge repairs, and when I peered inside, at least one unit was in pieces. Also, the website indicates that they've been installing new refrigeration units due to the increase in volume.
                                          BuddSugerman, I'd be pissed as well, if I'd come to shop and didn't have the full selection from which to chose. I live nearby and am usually able to get there early. If The Butchers was for everybody, they'd be the only shop in the city, but clearly, they're not.

                                          1. re: Yongeman

                                            Yongeman, I'm not pissed, just a bit frustrated since I bought some coupons which at the end of the day I can not use as advertised. I went by again today at around 3pm, and again, very limited selection. No real choice of steaks (only one type), no beef short ribs, no lamb, just basic cheaper goods. Chicken, ground beef, stew beef etc. There were lots of people in the shop, in fact I waited in line. When I asked about the limited selection I was told I should order online, but to me, it is important to see and select the product in person.

                                            Why wouldn't the owner stock up on everything given such a demand? It's not like the demand is a surprise given that he is sold out of many selections by 1pm nearly every day.

                                            The 'coupon crowd' are comprised of those who work, and can't make it to the shop before 1pm on a weekday. The 'coupon crowd' is essentially getting left with 1/2 price ground beef, rather than 1/2 price tenderloin. But like you said this shop is not for everyone - although I'd say that is a bit of an understatement.

                                            BTW, I did manage to get my hands on a ribeye a few days ago - delicious. Shame I can't get more. :)

                                            1. re: BuddSugerman

                                              I hope they don't get upset if I order online and then present my coupon.

                                              1. re: callitasicit

                                                I ordered via email and paid with a coupon. No problems. I'll also add that the 2 times I've shopped there, they weighed and price each item with a sticker.