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Feb 18, 2011 03:10 AM

Favorite Asian Grocery Store in St. Paul?

I know this has been discussed but it seems there have been a lot of changes, so I thought I'd check--what is the best Asian grocery store in St. Paul? Variety, cleanliness, convenience, etc.

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  1. These days I've been going to Dragon Star. I used to go to Shuang Hur but after being disappointed several times I switched. There may be better places, but I haven't had need to look.

    1. This is not in St. Paul but United Noodle is my favorite. www.unitednoodles.com
      2015 East 24th Street, Mpls

      1. Sun Foods has what I need.

        1. I like Dragon Star. They have a much more extensive produce selection than United Noodle, although United Noodle is certainly much better for Japanese and Korean items. United Noodle is the cleanest Asian market I have been to in the the Twin Cities. I haven't been too impressed with Double Dragon or Shuang Hur.

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            I second the cleanliness of United Noodle. The first time I walked in, I said, "Wow! It actually doesn't smell in here!"

          2. Dragon Star, United Noodle and Kim's on Snelling in St. Pau and Dong Yang in Columbia Heights (or is it Hilltop?). Each has things the other doesn't. Kim's has a great selection or frozen dumplings, Dong Yang has a bigger selection of fish cake. Dragon Star is great for Japanese and Indonesian while Dragon Star has a better deal of produce and fish.

            Snelling Cafe
            638 Snelling Ave N, Saint Paul, MN 55104