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Feb 18, 2011 02:17 AM

I find carrot coriander soup too sweet

Is it just me? I think it's "ok" when I have it, but I'm always thinking it's missing a dimension. Like hot carrot juice. Can anyone comment?

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  1. Not sure what's in that recipe besides carrot and coriander...any ginger? Carrot ginger soup is very good and ginger would provide some heat.

    1. Try using some additional spices to balance out the sweetness of the carrots, maybe some ground cumin which is quite dry? Clasically you'd balance sweetness with acidity so a little lemon juice might work, perhaps even a stalk of lemongrass that was removed before serving?

      The sweetness of the carrots themselves will have a big impact as well of course, as well as where in the season they're picked, I'd expect those picked late in season and left longer in the ground to be less sweet.

      Hope this helps


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        Something tart always helps. When I make mine at home I tend to garnish it with some yogurt out of a squeeze bottle, and that seems to do the trick.

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          Hey, that doesn't break and look curdly does it?

          1. re: Spanish Willy

            Nosiree- it always looks just fine. I do use full-fat yogurt, so maybe that has something to do with it. I just squeeze out some concentric circles and run a knife through them from the center on out, a typical pattern, and it gives a nice visual appeal with no curdling.

      2. I find most carrot soups are too sweet and/or one-dimensional. It's not something I make but when it comes to other sweet root vegetable / winter squash soups I definitely prefer some heat to balance the sweet - thai red curry paste for example. And all soups need more salt than you think. In a restaurant they are probably using a very salty chicken broth in their soup, so making it at home with veggies only will not have the same results. If I were just trying to quickly doctor a carrot soup at home I might try a little fish sauce to add salt and umami. Or dump in some salsa verde for heat and acidity. Actually I love perking up bland soups :)

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        1. I like to add garlic confit.