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Feb 17, 2011 09:07 PM

Super random question for uber food readers

Dear Chowhounds,

I REALLY need your help!

1-3 years ago, a young author wrote about about the history of food from a historical perspective. He had historical menus faithfully replicated in his book. I remember reading about him and his book in the New Yorker. I can even see the photo of him in my mind's eye - slim, short haired, mid-30's.

Was it an "Almanac" or an "encyclopedia" of sorts? It had sort of a formal title with a wink.

I’ve searched all over Amazon, Google, etc I’ve searched the archives of New Yorker, no luck.

I AM KICKING MYSELF for not remembering the title of his book or his name.


Many thanks!

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  1. Could it have been a book by Ben Schott?

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    1. re: pitterpatter

      DING DING DING! This is the one! Thanks so much! BRAVO!

    2. I wonder if it was "Appetite City" by William Grimes? Published in 2009. It's a history of restaurants in New York City, and it's rather excellent. Lot's of menus and so forth. I got this book a few months ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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      1. re: SherBel

        It was Ben Schotts (thanks to PitterPatter), but thanks for this suggestion. I've just ordered it on Amazon! Thanks again!