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Feb 17, 2011 09:06 PM

Restaurant Nostos Souvlaki

I never stopped by this place before The setup in this area on Acadie is not to enticing to go in. Just ging in the parking lot might cost you a set of new shock absorbers on your car. But hey today I had lunch there with colleagues and I'm so stupid to not have tried them before.

I had a pork souvlaki plate that is a really generous portion of food. I was full for the rest of the dau and havent had supper until 8pm.

The souvlaki were very tasty and freshly grilled. Nothing like fresh food off the grill.

Totally hooked and I thought this restaurant deserve it's own thread just for the pork souvlaki ;)

The address is 9540 de l'Acadie now, just one door down. I think it was a tiny place before because marché Adonis was next door before.

Restaurant Nostos Souvlaki
9530 Boul De L'acadie, Montreal, QC H4N1L8, CA

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  1. Ah good, they opened up again, it had closed down part of last year because the neighbouring business was firebombed and they had damage as well.

    Try their gyro, I find it's the best in the city. I've been going to this place sparingly since 2002 and it's had it's number of mentions on here. The service is on the weak side though but I find it worth the wait. I actually haven't been there in quite some time. Their whole chicken is very good too.

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    1. re: ios94

      I went to nostos yesterday and had their GYRO. Very tasty. This place is becoming my favorite greek spot. Will have to try their char broiled chicken also sooon. Unlike village grec restaurant on jean talon street that had the most bland greek food I ever had, Nostos' GYRO is full of flavors.

    2. Their char broiled Chicken is the best in town. Be patient as the custom cook it for you.With a greek salad (fair in the winter extraordinary in summer ) large hand cut fries and the garlic bread is one great meal!!!!

      1. Does anyone know if they deliver? I've been a big fan of Village Grec for year, but recently they have become more up and down with the quality of the Gyro it seems. Not bad, just not as great as before. So I'm willing to try out Nostos if they deliver.

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        1. Damn, I've been trying to keep this place a secret before people who don't know anything about good food start coming and they change the menu because someone complains that "this has too much garlic, how long is it going to take, where's my food, I have too wait for the chicken?"
          Please don't change anything. I love everything about Nostros! Including the great service.

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          1. re: montrealbelle

            haha MB you're funny. And please share amazing spots for grub!!!

            What I realized over the years is that places like Amir (I don't eat there anymore) which had great quality years and years ago turn to cheap products to save money. If we started a list it would be scary!

          2. For the best gyros, I`ve never had better than Village Grec in Laval. But I accept the challenge. I`ll go try Nostos and tell u all about it !

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            1. re: Fabulous1977

              I hope it's not the same owner as the one on jean-talon. bland food was my expereince.

              can't find it in the chow data base. what street is it on?

              1. re: maj54us

                No its not the same owners. It is located on 4491, boul Samson, Laval. The restaurant is incorrectly name "Village Grecque" on google.

                After reading this posts, I`ve asked various of my greek friends to rate the Nostos Gyros vs the Village Grec one, and even though they find Nostos pretty good, they still stick to Village Grec as the best.

                As a matter of fact, some are even willing to say that not even in Greece they`ve had just as good.

                The restaurant has been at that location for years. Generous plates, greek ambiance. The decor is a little old and the place smells like fries and gyros, but its part of the experience.

                On another note, there is also a Nostos take out counter on Curé-Labelle, a couple of meters north of Adonis.

                1. re: Fabulous1977

                  I'll try this place soon
                  what is the official name of this place? It's not in the chow database when typing village grecque. Results are jean-talon and one in ville st-laurent.

                  1. re: maj54us

                    Sorry im having trouble posting a link. Just Google Village grec Samson Laval...

                    I always ask for the gyros (lamb and pork mix). Comes with rice/fries and salad. Huge plate.

                    1. re: Fabulous1977

                      Sorry to say but village grec was not exceptional. Had supper there with my wife and my taste buds preferred Nostos by a good stretch.

                      It was good but not exceptional. Somehow the pork souvlaki didn't have that tender juicy maillard effect on it since it was also cooked on the grill.

                      The gyro (pork and lamb) wasn't seasoned to my liking, it had this strong flavors of lamb that overwhelmed the whole thing. It was good don't get me wrong but not to my liking. Also I noticed they cut bigger slices of meat for the gyro than the one I had at Nostos. That I liked! I guess it's a question of fine tuning the seasoning. One thing for sure. it wasn't bland like the one jean-talon.

                      So the quest continues ;) lol
                      so far in my book Nostos is still the winner of the battles of the souvlakis that are flame grilled.

                      Bring on the next challenger....have a good evening everyone.

                      1. re: maj54us

                        The Maillard reaction is the browning of the meat (or toast, or whatever)
               it has nothing to do with juiciness or tenderness.

                        1. re: EaterBob

                          What I mean is that the grilled souvlaki didn't grill enough so the it caramelized the meat on the surface. Didn't have that crust on top of the juicy meat under. Was verry tender and juicy.

                          1. re: maj54us

                            In order to caramelize anything you need sugars.
                   Pork doesn't caramelize.

                            It sounds like your meat wasn't browned enough by the grill for your liking. But it still was juicy and tender. Or am I missing something?

                            1. re: EaterBob

                              Thanks god I'm not a participant on jeopardy ;) lol
                              Tthe meat I was served didn't have a crust on it. and thanks for the 411

                              Always thought that the maillard reaction was created by grilling of meats at high temperature.

                              So searing a meat doesn't involve a maillard reaction if there's no sugars in pork meat? What is it called then? If the marinate has sugar does is then a maillard reaction?

                              1. re: maj54us

                                Using high-ish heat to make a food turn the color brown, like toast or grilling meat on a barbecue is the Maillard reaction. It also includes some sort of crust being formed.

                                Caramelizing is an entirely different process, that also turns the food brown, but uses a lower heat so you don't get a crust, and because of the sugar in the food ends up making whatever you are caramelizing sweeter. Just like caramel and Caramilk.

                                And you'd do fine answering Greek Food in Montreal for $500. Just don't go for Chemical Processes in Cooking for $100 without a little more studying.

                      1. re: maj54us

                        The Village in VSL closed down in the last couple of years. I haven't been to the one in Laval for a few years but I do remember liking it better than the JT location. Don't forget Elatos on Jarry, top notch gyro as well.

                      2. re: Fabulous1977

                        The Nostos take-out counter in Laval closed a few months ago; it was replaced by another souvlaki joint (Helios express), which we tried on the weekend and it was NOT good. For my souvlaki fix, I alternate Nostos, and Tripoli. For gyro: Nostos, Marathon and Village Grec (laval). I like Village Grec in Laval very much, I just find it takes forever to get your food and when I go for souvlaki or gyros I want something quick.

                        1. re: hungryann

                          Yes at village grec they are not very quick. But it`s all worth the wait. Sorry about the misinformation for Nostos counter in Laval.

                          1. re: Fabulous1977

                            let's just say that the lady serving us is very chatty that I almost told her to get busy somewhere else! But was saved by 2 couples coming in. fiew...... lol lol lol

                        2. re: Fabulous1977

                          Also I believe the owner of Village Grec (Laval) may have opened up another place called le Vieux Grec; I will try it out soon and see if it gives the others a run for their money.

                            1. re: Fabulous1977

                              Restaurant Vieux Grec Souvlaki
                              3924 ch. du Souvenir, Laval

                                1. re: SnackHappy

                                  Le vieux grec actually closed this summer so stick to the original.

                                  1. re: SnackHappy

                                    Also the Nostos on Cure Labelle closed too, quite recently...shameful, it was good when I went there.

                                    1. re: humbert

                                      Do any of these shops have lamb souvlaki and all-lamb gyro? I much prefer lamb to the alternatives, but it seems to be less popular in Montreal.

                                      The smell of freshly grilled lamb fat is one of the great delights of summer cooking, imho.

                                      For instance I was shocked to realize recently that a restaurant offering a related cuisine (not Greek, but Armenian, to be sure) - - Alep on Jean Talon - - barely had one lamb dish on the menu. Lamb is a staple of eastern Mediterranean and Anatolian cooking. Do Montrealers not like it enough to pay the extra price?