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Feb 17, 2011 07:26 PM


Does anyone have a recommendation for the best frozen, ready-to-bake, ooey, gooey cinnamon rolls? I'm hosting family and friends at our mountain cabin so I won't have time to bake any. Anyone have a favorite?


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  1. Are you looking for a chain grocery store? Or would you like to narrow your search area a bit to include fresh rolls to take? There may be some dynamite ones you could pick up on the way!

    You can make them very easily at the cabin, assuming you have an oven, using defrosted frozen bread dough--just roll it out, spread with melted butter, cinnamon sugar (nuts optional) and roll, cut and rise; then bake. The quality difference will be huge over frozen commercial rolls. Or make a pull-apart monkey bread using the same ingredients, have the kids (of any age) help and it's more fun to eat. Use lots of melted butter.

    Have fun in the snow!

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      Thanks toodie jane. I won't have time to make the rolls when I get to the cabin as all of us are arriving around the same time and I don't want to spend time baking on this trip. I was hoping to find some really good pre-made, frozen ones that I can carry up in my car. I'll make the icing there, of course. Does that change your answer at all? I've found some really good biscuits so I assume there are some cinnamon rolls out there somewhere...

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        I'm sorry, I've never found any pop-up type frozen cinnamion rolls that tasted very good. I can say that Trader Joe's sells very decent frozen chocolate croissants, but I've never tried their frozen cinnamon rolls. Hopefully someone will answer affirmatively.

        If you have time, you might want to ask the question on the General Chowhounding board--you'd get many more viewers.

        If you are on your way up 80 to Tahoe, Flour Garden Bakery in Auburn has outrageously good breakfast pastries.

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          Toodie Jane..great suggestion. I'll try that too!

    2. Visit the web site for Gagne Foods.
      Look for retail locations. I'm sure you will find a place near you.
      Their frozen Cinnamon rolls are excellent, the Herb Biscuits are amazing.
      Give them a try.

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      1. re: Bruce in SLO

        Perfect!! I am all over these!! They look delicious and will work beautifully for my situation. Thank you!!!

        1. re: Bruce in SLO

          wow bruce, these DO look good. Thanks for the word. I now have a seed rack in NF, so will be in the store often. Will have to do some 'quality control', heh heh.