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Feb 17, 2011 07:15 PM

My KomodoKamado needs a buddy...

I currently have a Komodo Kamado which I love in every way ( I'm putting together a small outdoor cooking area and I would appreciate any advice for a side grill.

The primary uses would be if I'm looking to sear something off before transferring it to the KK to finish (The KK can sear very well if desired, but often I already have something going in it at a lower temperature.) OR on those nights where time is scarce and I'm just looking for a very quick grill while sacrificing a bit of flavor.

I'm looking for a unit between 12"-19".

One solution would be the Viking 15" infrared. I have never cooked on an infrared, so I'm wondering if it's good only for searing and marking or if you can actually completely cook a steak, chicken, or fish on it. I'm sure it's great for veggies.

Another option is the Bluestar Charbroiler. It's specifies that it's for indoor use but I'm looking into outdoor use. It seems to be a more traditional gas BBQ:

I know there are plenty of other brands from FireMagic to Twin Eagles and I'd love to hear any and all input.

Thank you!

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  1. LATrapp: You already have the single-chamber KK, so maybe this isn't for you, but it sounds like you have long green to spend, so...

    I and a lot of other folks who use Texas Pits with an offset firebox happily sear on a grate or skillet over the fire in the small chamber, and then transfer the food to the indirect chamber to finish with the rest of the slow-and-low(er) dishes. I actually welded a third chamber on the other end for cold-smoking, and retro'd the main chamber for rotisserie. Obviously you're not going to fit something like this into your 19" space, but something to think about...

    Or just get a 2nd KK.

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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Thanks Kaleokahu.

      I'd love an offset Texas pit or a second KK, but seeing that both are unrealistic for me I just want to steer things back to what I'm specifically hoping to find some help with:

      A 12"-19" built in, counter-top grill or infrared unit as in the linked examples.

      Thank you in advance!

    2. Just get yourself a Smokey Joe (and do yourself a favor and order one of Craycort's cast iron grates). It's small, and doesn't require much fuel for a quick, direct cook.

      Or if you want something with a little more "cool" factor, get a Fyrkat. I've heard some good things about them:

      1. I'm a huge admirer of the kk. Why not a simple webber kettle to sear off items? Viking grills are of dubious quality, and the bluestar just screams "look at me." I'd spend the saved cashola on a few summertime bashes, and maybe a new Kia!