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Feb 17, 2011 06:21 PM

where can i buy okara (preferably downtown)?

anyone know where i can buy okara? it's the soy pulp left over after making soymilk.. used a lot in japanese cooking, i think

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  1. i've found it dry, in a green pastic wrapper in sheets in various chinatown groceries. hmm, there are two on the east side of spadina south of dundas that carry it and the shop on the west side of spadina just a bit north of spadina in a basement carries it, too. maybe someone else can help with the names? i seem to recall the package saying "soy skin" or similar!

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      ah, soy skin is something completely different. okara would be fresh, i think.

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        1. there's a fresh chinese tofu maker in kensington market, perhaps it would be best to ask them? i don't know if you're likely to find many other sources other than japanese shops but even then they tend to have either frozen or preserved items more often.

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            Wait, really? Who makes their own tofu? And what kinds do they sell?

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              A lot of people make their own tofu. I have for years. And several Asian markets make it. I've found everything from silken, to firm, to frozen in them.

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                fong on foods on kensington makes fresh tofu. the facilities are not impressive looking through and they sell it in far larger quantities than i need so i do not buy it frequently. i don't recall seeing silken but i also wasn't looking very hard.

                i don't know where else exactly has it fresh but for downtown it is not as common. if you like to see your food in production, galleria (korean grocery) has fresh soy products that you can see being made and purchase. they always seem to have limited quantities.

                fong on foods
                46 Kensington Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

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                  Thanks, I'll pop in to Fong next time I'm in the market. I haven't had fresh tofu in ages.