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Feb 17, 2011 03:20 PM

New Wolf Cooktop

Well, now that I totally destroyed my first post. I really love my new Wolf cooktop; installed today.

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  1. Gas? It will have a fabulous simmer. You'll come to just LOVE it.

    You can simmer beans or a stock all night long and in the morning you'll find you've had little evaporation. Just remember to crack the lid on the pot a tiny sliver so you don't get all the sputtering and build up a boil.

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    1. re: rainey

      Yup, gas. All night long???
      So far, I haven't found the first thing to not love about it. I am waiting for a bad thing to show its face. This is, after all, only my introduction; although, it seems to be love at first sight.
      Now, if only my cooking can improve to be worthy...

        1. re: kayandallie

          We just got a 36" Wolf cooktop with the charbroiler where the 2 middle burners would go. Haven't installed yet till kitchen is ready...can hardly wait.

          1. re: redriverbluesman

            The rangetop with the charbroiler is simply awesome. Unscrew the little brass jet tip and drill the 1/16th hole to 5/64th. Replace and that burner is now converted from 16,000 BTU's to 20,000 or 22,000 BTU's.

            Safe and easy. I did it to my Wolf stove years ago and finally got around to doing it to my Rangetop. The low, simmer and medium settings still work just fine, but you'll get big juice on high.

            It's great to have one very hot burner for Wok cooking, boiling big pots of water for Pasta, Lobster or Crab, etc.

            1. re: jahmon

              Seriously, 1/64th bigger than it currently is makes that difference with no ill effects? And you're suggesting just for one burner, or all?

              Hmmnnn, I'm wondering why they don't do this at the factory?

              How old is your rangetop, as many who have reviewed on various sites are always referring to older ones. We haven't installed ours yet but I'm appreciative of your advice.

              What kind of hood do you use? How many CFM's is it and what can you tell me about your experiences with it re: smoke, grease, cleaning, etc?
              Thanks, Jahmon

              1. re: redriverbluesman

                Yes...difference is dramatic. Looks 50% more flame on high. I have only done one with my old stove and now one on my new one...with the jet costing $ reason not to try nor try boring out two or more...I'm doing one for now. Takes two seconds to drill and blamo. Front left burner for me.

                Rangetop is about two years old...A newer one I it.

                Using a Viking high end hood...sorry, don't have the model number but it is the more expensive version...roof mounted blower...mounted the hood very high, at 36"...chose the medium blower from Cherins...should have bought the highest power blower due to mounting the hood so high but sales dude scared me about the "noise" and learn...still OK but doesn't catch all the smoke when I *really* cook...which is basically every night. Reallyphysically attractive hood...I may end up replacing the blower with the higher power some day...still in buyers remorse/denial somewhat. But the Wolf rangetop with the char broiler and the drilled jet is knobs, steaks rain or shine, super happy.

                1. re: jahmon

                  "red knobs, steaks reain or shine, super happy", sound like my kind of people, jahmon!! I'm so excited about getting my Wolf installed, I can't even tell you, and I'm super excited about the increased btu with such a simple fix. Thanks!

                  I'm studying up on a variety of range hoods right now; they aren't cheap! We're wanting an insert model so that we can have cabinetry built around it. I haven't looked at Viking until your comments and am just reviewing their options now...thanks again.