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Feb 16, 2011 01:01 PM

Smoking Bacon [split from New England]

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Not to thread crap, but its easy to smoke bacon at home if you can purchase whole pork belly and have access to a Weber charcoal grill.

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  1. I couldn't agree more! The best bacon is always your own bacon!

    It's much easier to make than you would think! Plus, If you don't have the grill, or don't want the hassle of smoking/grilling the final product, you can always just slow roast it in the oven.

    I do mine with maple, and lots of ginger and black pepper.

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    1. re: ezra9876

      That's sound like a good recipe, especially the maple!

      I did it for the first time last weekend, so I used a brine solution of salt, sugar, pink salt, and pickling spices. Smoked with apple wood chunks for 7 hours at 160F in my Weber smoky mountain. Above is the pic of the end product.

      1. re: Low_Fat

        Looks awesome....and that's some nice meaty belly!

        I've got the Weber Smoky Mountain as well (the smaller one). I've had it for several years now and love it.

        I use basically the same recipe minus the pickling spices, then add the maple, chopped ginger, and black pepper...The "problem" is, especially when you first make it, you end up eating bacon for breakfast, lunch & dinner!

    2. Okay, now can we perhaps get back on message with some retail source suggestions? I'd love to try smoking my own, but I've never been successful at maintaining low smoking temps for extended periods in my kettle, and $300 for a small WSM isn't really in the cards. If anyone had any specific suggestions for smoking with a kettle, like top and bottom vent settings, i would be grateful for any advice. I've also had problems with wood chunks -- I like mesquite but whether I buy it from Home Depot or a local hardware store or over the net, it is always musty smelling. Like it was stored in a damp basement for some time. Actually, grill questions are moot for the time being, I haven't seen either my kettle or my Summit since early January. Cheers

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        I'll play. Pekarski's bacon in South Deerfield MA is some of the best I've had.