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Feb 17, 2011 01:55 PM

Market Restaurant + Bar

it looks like Carl Schroeder is a Semi-Finalist for a James Beard Award for his work at Market in Del Mar. I haven't heard too much chatter about Market on the board in awhile; has anyone been recently? Is he there most of the time or at Bankers Hill?

I wonder how long until one of our craft brewers gets nominated under the Wine/Spirits category. Sam Calagione (Dogfishead) and Garret Oliver (Brooklyn) were both nominated this year (I think Garret may have won in the past too) and I would consider most of our breweries to be better than them. Guess there's some East Coast Bias going on despite the local guys getting some national media attention.

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  1. I could see Alpine, Port Carlsbad, AleSmith, or Ballast Point getting the nod for sure. Unfortunately our best beer isn't necessarily what makes it out of the state. That said, I don't know I'd rank any of our locals as betters to DFH or Brooklyn - those guys both brew some pretty fantastic beer.

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      oh my, mrkrispy just cried a little bit inside.

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        I suppose I need to try more of their offerings that don't make it out here before making any judgments but I have had a decent amount of specialties from DFH and they haven't impressed me all that much. And of their regulars, 60 Minute and 90 Minute just don't stand up at all to the IPAs around here. I did a blind tasting competition with a bunch of friends and 60 Minute was pretty much unanimously the worst.

        I've had a few Brooklyn beers (probably the more common ones) and I thought they were good but nothing special. I would like to try more of their limited offerings.

        Really Vinnie Cilurzo is probably the brewer who should be recognized. An innovator and makes excellent beers.

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          Tomme Arthur is certainly worthy of recognition.
          His creations are exquisite.

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            Some DFH beers I've had I think are very well-made. Bitches Brew, Chateau Jihau, Indian Brown, Chicory Stout, Palo Santo Marron come to mind. I've had other beers from them that are disasters for sure (Red & White), and some that are meh (though I do enjoy the 60 Minute IPA as an English-style IPA vs. west coast).

            Brooklyn's speciality brews are exemplary beers for sure. Brooklyn Local 1 and Local 2, and Sorachi Ace, are brilliant beers, definitely world-class. Sorachi Ace is absurdly delicious. It uses a Japanese hop variety, in a saison, and has a crazy citrus/cedar thing going on. I agree that if you only have their standard offerings they don't seem as impressive.

            I wasn't trying to imply, either, that our locals are lesser than DFH or Brooklyn. To me, once you reach a certain level of quality, you should be viewed as comparably good. While I wouldn't say Alpine, Ballast, et al are better than DFH or Brooklyn, I wouldn't say they're worse either. I view all those guys as being equally adroit at making high-quality, interesting brews.

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              Ahh, fair enough and I agree. Not much point in ranking them as long as they're good (my philosophy on music and movies too).

              I wasn't a huge fan of Bitches Brew but I'll try and seek out those other ones. And I do agree about 60 Minute being a good English style IPA and wouldn't have a problem with that but I don't think that's how they market it.

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                During the Thai beer dinner, Colby talked about how Big Eye IPA is kind of a '90s-style IPA - maltier, less overt hopping. I think you could say the same about 60 Minute. At the time it was released, esp. on the East coast, it was probably considered radically hopped.

                Bitches Brew isn't something I'd want to drink often, but I didn't think it was bad. Kind of like Midas Touch - it's a beer I can respect as being well-made, but it's not really for me.

        2. We've been to Market twice. Both times were amazing. The first time we had the 4 course which had more options in each course than most restaurants offer which actually made it soo hard to choose just one. Hopefully your date/guest likes to share! We went back not long after the first visit to find a completely new menu. The new menu saddened me a little because I LOVED our first dinner. But we were not disappointed at all. Fresh and seasonal ingredients is what Market is based their Brant Farms grass fed beef. The service is outstanding. It's the style where you have two servers that take care of one section. These servers are spot on with suggestions and wine pairings and helping you decide which amazing entree to get. I wish we could afford a Market dinner every 2's that amazing.

          Market Restaurant & Bar
          3702 Via de la Valle, Del Mar, CA 92014

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            Just FYI - Brandt is not grass fed beef, it is wholly grain/corn fed. It's a common misconception that their beef is somehow more humanely raised. It might be on some level, but not in terms of what the cattle are fed. It is is a lot more expensive than other brands.

            I like Market a lot - the atmosphere is a bit sterile, but the food is always very good. Carl is a fantastic chef.