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Feb 17, 2011 01:37 PM

Sapporo food blogs and or restaurant review sites?

Looking for recent information for eating in Sapporo.
I do not read Japanese, wife does but I am doing the homework.
This will be my 8th visit and I have gotten some good information in the past from this site.

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  1. Picchu is the do not miss place. There is also a very good yakitori izakaya on the road between S4W6 and S4W5 called ふじとり (fujitori). It is nothing special to look at but the chicken is superb. Better than the famous Fuku in Tokyo IMO, and I went to both within a week recently.

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      I've replied to Dave's post in another thread - I do want to provide an up to date tip and comment about Dave's recommendation of Fujitori in Sapporo. Thanks to his tip, we hunted down the shop (it is next to an organic cafe/bar), and the chicken yakitori is superb - truly out of this world. Great little izakaya too, as the owner and staff are generally foreigner-friendly, smokey atmosphere. Even their ramen salad is refreshingly good.

      (Try the chicken liver, heart, gizzard, innards with soybean paste. The beef is also not too bad, and so are the quails eggs).
      (We had meals there twice in the four nights we were in Sapporo)

      1. re: reisende

        Wow, I'm very glad that someone else enjoyed this place as much as me. I only found it completely by accident on the first night I was in Sapporo several years ago, but make a point of going back every time I'm there.

        I think I have had most of the different parts of chicken they offer - can't say I am a big fan of gizzard in Japan, they like it crunchy, and I like it soft! The tsukune is outstanding, I only had it because I asked for a recommendation and that is what came back.

        Have you ever had better yakitori elsewhere - if so, please let me know so I can try it out!?

        1. re: davew666

          What is tsukune?

          I took note of a few recommendations on chowhound for food in Sapporo and headed to those we could find and that were not too far away :) Your recommendation of Fujitori was convenient as it seemed very central - and the fact that it was always rather packed whenever we walked by it attested to it being a very good izakaya!

          I have no recommendations, unfortunately, as I find walking into a random izakaya rather overwhelming, as they are usually so local and intimate! I did not have any yakitori when I was in Tokyo or Osaka, so all the more I wanted to try an izakaya when I was in Sapporo. I do have one or two yakitori recommendations in Singapore... but it would be nothing compared to Japan.

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            Tsukune is minced pork on a stick. Get the Cheesu tsukune with melted cheese inside.....amazing! Where is Fujitori by the way? I would like to try this place.

            1. re: bcheng

              is it not normally minced chicken?

              fujitori is on the road between S4W6 and S4W5, , right in the centre (ふじとり)

              1. re: davew666

                I think you are right dave, minced chicken. Thanks for the address. I will definitely check it out soon.

                1. re: bcheng

                  don't forget to let us know what you thought of it!

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                    I finally went to Fujitori last night. Awesome! The quality is great. I had the tebasaki (chicken wings) and they came de-boned on the stick. After speaking to some Japanese friends, it seems that Fujitori is a popular place among the locals for yakitori.

                    I wrote about it on my website:


                    Highly recommended.

                    1. re: bcheng

                      great, i'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

    2. Second Picchu. Excellent Japanese style Italian food. I can't wait to go there again.

      If you like yakiniku, you may want to try あみ焼き割烹 和牛いしざき , the quality of the beef was first class :

      Very decent shio ramen at Akaban らーめんサッポロ赤星; queue was very long when I had lunch there last year, we waited for 30 minutes.

      1. I recommend you should eat soup curry. A very popular Sapporo food which you may have tried if you have been to Sapporo before. I found this one recently called Dominika in new favourite soup curry shop at the moment.

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        1. re: bcheng

          haven't been there but for soup curry i'd go to okushiba shouten. if they have it, their kakuni soup curry is pretty amazing.

          1. re: morisaur

            I've never been to Okushiba shouten before. Can you tell me where it is in Sapporo. I'd really like to try the kakuni soup curry. Cheers!

            1. re: bcheng

              map is on this site

              just a heads up, sometimes there is a really long wait

              1. re: morisaur

                Ah, I think I have been here, a loooong time ago. Yes, I remember it was excellent and thanks for the map. I'll go there again. The last time, my friend made a reservation because she told me how popular this place is.


                1. re: bcheng

                  thats good to know, i didn't know they took reservations.

        2. Hi there

          I would be staying at the Cross Hotel and I would be really grateful if someone could please let me know how do I get from Cross to Fujitori and Picchu and any other yummy places.


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            For Fujitori take a subway to Susukino station on the Namboku line (green) and then follow the directions on this link


            1. re: bcheng

              I'm happy to say that I found my way to Fuijitori and on foot to boot! It was awesome :) Picchu was very enjoyable as well.

          2. Fujitori was good. There was a really good soup curry place called sauge or suage. It was up a flight of stairs on 3 and a half street south. Picchu's last day at it's previous location was about a week ago. They said they were moving to a location that was about a 10 minute walk away, but couldn't explain to me where.