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Feb 17, 2011 01:33 PM

Need explanation of different Bamix models

Hi, I'm trying to figure out the differences betweent the various Bamix models. I've seen Swissline, Cassette, Deluxe, Mono and Gastro. Can't seem to understand the differences between all of them. I really don't care about the stand or what attachments they come with (I'll be storing in a drawer and the attachments, from my understanding, can be used with any model and purchased separately anyway). Williams-Sonoma sells the "regular" and the "pro" whatever this means. Any and all info greatly appreciated. Oh, and I know some have longer shafts than others - this is important to me as well as the power of the motors. Thanks!

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  1. All models have the same motor.

    Most of the differences are the accessories the units come with.

    Some come with wall mount (mono) some come with a stand (deluxe) and also the swissline stand.

    Gastro is the model with the longer shaft. Usually used for commercial applications.

    Swissline is the best model for further submersion as the case is sealed better.

    The difference in models really comes down to accessories and colors.

    I'd get a deluxe, or swissline and if u can afford it. A Gordon Ramsay deluxe edition. The titanium color is so cool.


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    1. re: dspen787

      Thanks for the info. Do you have any idea which ones WS is selling? I think as long as they all have the same motor, function the same and can use the same blades/accessories, then it would really come down to whether or not I need the longer shaft. I don't know if I would ever have the guts to submerge the thing sealed or not.

    2. This image is from an ebay auction that might be helpful.

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      1. re: ahack

        Hard to read but it's interesting because I thought the Gastro 200 operated at 200 W not 150. BTW that ebay auction has prices $50 higher than bamix-usa

        1. re: scubadoo97

          The wattage is hard to explain. The low runs at 150w and high gets up to the 200w

          They are all 110/150 volts I believe. But wattage doesn't matter, it's the RPMs.

          That auction on eBay. Prices are higher because they come with a 10y warranty and they fix the units. W-S does not warrenty or fix them. They send back to Bamix or go to other providers.

          1. re: dspen787

            I think prices are higher for that auction because the vendor is in Canada and the dollar is low now. Bamix-USA is actually the US office of Ocean Sales Ltd., the eBay Canadian vendor. The warranty's the same.

            1. re: dspen787

              Actually, I had a problem with my standard Bamix that I bought from WS (fortunately, I live about 20 min. from one). My blade got jammed onto the mixer. WS took it back, no problem, and gave me a new one right in the store, which has worked fine. Personally, I'm looking for a couple of the accessories. I'd like to be able to grind ice. I'd also like to puree some of the stringier veggies when I make soup. WS doesn't sell accessories, & the Bamix-usa site is just a little weird.

              1. re: rejoyce318

                Try Pleasant Hill Grain: I've had great experience ordering Bamix accessories with them.

                Bamix-USA is a distributor of Bamix, just fyi, not an arm of Bamix the manufacturer.

                1. re: rejoyce318

                  "WS doesn't sell accessories, & the Bamix-usa site is just a little weird."
                  Actually, I spoke to the rep there today (her name is Brittany) and she's REALLY nice. She pointed out to me that the 10-year warranty is exclusive to them and that they're able to make repairs. What really impressed me, however, was her "un-hard" sell. She told me that the 200 W applies only to Europe and that 150 W applies here, regardless of model. She also said that the accessories are nice but not essential and a matter of choice because the Bamix can process in just about any kind of container. She also mentioned that the WS "exclusive" applies only to the two models they sell which are the Mono and Gastro renamed. The WS price at present is $20 less than Bamix-USA/Ocean Sales but I'd spend the extra money for the 10-year warranty.

                  1. re: MacGuffin

                    MacGuffin, I'm glad I read your post; if not I would have called Bamix-USA and gotten no help. It is not true that the 200 W model is not sold here; WS sells it. I recently bought what I thought was the Gastro 200 from Pleasant Hill. The website and the box say 200, but the mixer says 150. I called a WS store and had the clerk read the information on the mixer handle, and sure enough, it says 200.

                    I cannot recommend the Gastro 150. It is not powerful at all. I suspect it may be even less powerful than the smaller model because the longer shaft gives it less torque. That's just a guess on my non-mechanical part, but it is much weaker than I expected.This is supposed to be a big beefy machine that a professional chef could use all day in a commercial kitchen, not for 5 minutes at a time!

                    I will be returning it to Not-So-Pleasant Hill and getting the good one from Williams-Sonoma.

                    1. re: klutzygirl

                      I didn't post that it isn't SOLD here but that I was told the 200 W rating doesn't APPLY here, i.e., it only draws 200 W in Europe. It claims 200 W (I examined one at W-S last week) but that's input and I believe it only draws 150 - 180 W here; I'm quite sure it only outputs at whatever the Swiss Line does (the two models both run at the same RPM as far as I know). And I think immersion blenders are all supposed to do what they need to do in a relatively short period of time (my old Braun did)--I know I wouldn't want to be standing and holding a blender for even 5 minutes much less more. IOW, a busy commercial kitchen could conceivably be using that Gastro all day but for <5 minutes/preparation.
                      If the Gastro weren't the same unit that W-S is selling, other vendors would be allowed to continue carrying it; they're not. And the length of the shaft has nothing whatsoever to do with how much power the machine is outputting--Bamix, as I understand it, started manufacturing it at the request of chefs who had to deal with immersion needs that couldn't be handled with the shorter models. They also now make a Gastro 350 that actually does output at noticeably higher RPM at both speeds (and has an even longer shaft) but it's not available here and really would be overkill for a home kitchen. And I'll bet you that the instructions that come with your W-S replacement will state not to run for >5 minutes.

                      1. re: klutzygirl

                        @ klutzygirl "This is supposed to be a big beefy machine that a professional chef could use all day in a commercial kitchen, not for 5 minutes at a time!"

                        Update from the Williams-Sonoma Web site: "Designed for 5-minute intermittent operation."

                      2. re: MacGuffin

                        Although WS doesn't identify the model on line, it's right on the box. I was going to get my wife one for Mother's Day, but the kids beat me to it. It's clearly from WS and Mono is clearly marked on the box. Can't figure out what part is "exclusive".

                        1. re: mikie

                          The "exclusive" is that with the exception of their North American distributor, Williams-Sonoma is the only vendor allowed to sell that model (and whatever it is they're calling the Gastro). That's why places like Pleasant Hill are selling out their stock and aren't allowed to order/sell more.

                    2. re: dspen787

                      I had one of the lower-powered Bamixes for 20 years. Did everything with it, including chopping ice. A lot. It never felt underpowered. The higher-powered ones seem to have slightly higher rpm levels. Not convinced that's important. Gave my old one away in a move, just replaced with a new-old-stock one from eBay. Same model. You can break it, by dropping it on the floor. But have never heard of one wearing out.

                      1. re: emu48

                        Mine's probably about 40 years old and was bought not new-old on eBay (I bought it mostly because I wanted the pitcher that came with it). It runs like a dream and performs beautifully, despite not being all that powerful. I assume it's due to its engineering.

                  2. re: ahack

                    Ok, so I'm still tirelessly searching for answers. I found an egullet discussion board about the different models and someone there was saying he spoke to Bamix USA and learned that the Swissline and Gastro have stronger motors than the others (DeLuxe, Cassette, Mono). I haven't personally verified any of this info, but will take his word for it. Basically, what this means is that the Swissline and Gastro are stronger and the Gastro has the longer shaft. The others are a little weaker and the only differences between those is the accessories they come with. So now, I'm wondering, will the Swissline/Gastro series be overkill for me? I already own a food processor and a blender. I want a good quality immersion blender for hot soups, homemade mayo, and salad dressings. I don't love my food processor for liquids (although it works fine and has never leaked) and I never feel like making a big old blender dirty for a little bit of dressing - not to mention ladling a hot soup into something that may end up leaking from the pressure of the steam. Would the motor on the Swissline/Gastro series be too powerful for tiny amounts? What about the weaker motor on the others - could it ever be too weak for a big pot of soup?

                    1. re: sherrib

                      I would buy the swissline off amazon or eBay so you get the full warranty plus you get the best model. It will not be overkill. You will have this unit for 20+ years so the value is worth it ten times over.

                      1. re: dspen787

                        Ok, thank you. I thought maybe there would be more splatter issues with the Swissline/Gastro models over the other models for small amounts of food/liquid. If not, then this decision is a no brainer.

                        1. re: sherrib

                          I have the WS equivalent of the heavy duty and it was def the right choice (I was worried about excessive bulk and power too).

                      2. re: sherrib

                        I say go with the Swissline. I bought mine as it had more RPMs then the other models and I also wanted the stand to keep it on my kitchen bench. The longer shaft of the Gastro is a tad overkill for me but if big pots of soup is your thing then it might be feasible.
                        Its more expensive up front, but as the saying goes, "I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things"
                        I use it now to make hummus and smoothies, and in a couple of years time to make baby food, and in 15 years time to make big batches of soup, and who knows after that.

                        1. re: sherrib

                          Swissline works fine for me. It isn't meant to be run more than 5 min. non-stop, however.

                          1. re: rejoyce318

                            When one can be fit into the budget, it'll be a (RED!) Swiss Line for me. I don't even own a pot that would require a longer shaft and puréed soups get cooked in their entirety in my Vita-Mix anyhow. Even though Ocean Sales suggested a Mono for good value and the Gastro's relatively inexpensive at Williams-Sonoma (at least at present), I want the Swiss Line. :)

                      3. We have the Gastro. These prices seem high. We purchased ours online from Pleasant Hill Grain. There's another Bamix thread on this Board that was very helpful.

                        After buring out several handheld mixers we are very happy with the Bamix.

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                        1. re: financialdistrictresident

                          Got my Gastro from Pleasant Hill as well. I had my Bamix copy for nearly 10 yrs and it was a pretty ratty compared to the Bamix. Good design, lots of power.

                        2. Can any Bamix owners comment on the noise levels of their blender? Especially when used in conjunction with any of the attachments? Considering purchasing but I hate loud appliances.

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                            1. re: mrbitterpants

                              It's no louder than any other blender.

                              1. re: mrbitterpants

                                Every time I use it I'm surprised by how quiet it is.

                                1. re: mrbitterpants

                                  Thanks for the feedback. Just dealing with a food processor right now that could wake the dead so its made me extra cautious.

                                        1. re: scubadoo97

                                          Ah! The problem was that I clicked the link in the body of the e-mail from Chowhound. Yes, this one works and my apologies.

                                          1. re: MacGuffin

                                            No problem!
                                            I always appreciate an alert about a dead link in order to fix it.

                                            1. re: Ayik_Uyek

                                              I think the only thing that turned out to be dead here was my brain!