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Feb 17, 2011 01:16 PM

I have a 6lb pork butt. Now what??

I was thinking of cutting it into 2 and doing two different things. I wanted to take one of the halves and use it for tacos, but not sure what recipe.

Should I cut it in two? If so, which is the best way to cut, or does it matter?

Any help would be appreciated.

(Note: I own both a slow cooker and a large dutch oven)

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  1. Slow-cook it in Mexican beer, orange juice, jalapenos, maybe some guajillos (if you can get them), salt & pepper, and perhaps a bit of tequila. Freshen it with a bit of lime juice, cilantro, and more salt if needed at the end. Simple & effective.


      I make this with pork shoulder instead of loin, love it, freezes well too. We like it without the potatos.

      1. If you are into big batch cooking, you have the makings for pulled pork for a good long time for one or two, or one giant blast of a party.

        Everyone has their own favourite recipe for BBQ sauce for pulled pork. From personal experience, though I would reduce the amount of vinegar in any recipe intended for use in the slow-cooker.

        I am sure there is a food chemistry reason why but I swear that slow-cooking tends to over-accentuate the sharpness delivered by vinegar versus a low-heat oven treatment. Tends to over-balance the recipe.

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          I use about a 1/4 cup of cider vinegar when I do a pork butt in the slow cooker, and have never had that problem.

        2. Pork butt needs to be cooked low and slow to get tender. That will make it hard for a lot of traditional taco recipes. I would recommend that you use your Dutch oven to make slow roasted pulled pork. If you still want tacos serve the pork in tacho shells with taco toppings.

          Also I wouldn't cut it, I would make one recipe as pork butt takes long time to cook.

          Here is the recipe that I made last weekend to rave reviews. The fennel and jalapenos are an amazing combo. I served over rice but tacos might be good too.

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          1. re: AmyGB

            A lot of traditional tacos are made with pork butt, carnitas being a primary example. Stuff like Al Pastor is also often made with pork butt.

            1. re: joonjoon

              Yup. I wouldn't make pork tacos with anything *but* butt. Or maybe belly.

          2. I'm assuming it has a bone in it (maybe not) so not worth it to try to butcher it into two even pieces. Plus, it loses a lot of liquid, and gristle and fat pockets once cooked so I wouldn't bother.

            I also like to rub it with spices like montreal steak seasoning, cumin, oregano (if you're not doing the bbq), insert garlic slices all around it and let it sit in my fridge for a day or two, then roast it in a shallow pan with some wine or stock in the bottom, and slow roast uncovered for a few hours, it develops a nice brown crispy crust, and super moist tender meat. Shred for tacos. Or eliminate the mexican seasonings, go Italian, and make it like a porchetta roast. Same cooking method, different flavors.