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Feb 17, 2011 12:59 PM

Restaurant help - this weekend

Hello All,
I will be taking my wife to montreal this weekend. We'll be driving up from Ottawa, reaching montreal sat, leaving monday.
I need some suggestions for dinner sat night, brunch sunday, dinner sunday night, and breakfast monday morning.
I dont want anything too too expensive, but moderately priced (dinners I would like to spend $100 - $115). We dont drink alcohol, so we can spen more on food. We're open to pretty much anything. We'll be staying at Sheraton Centre, but dont mind walking or cabbing.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! So far, was thinking of Alep, Atma, Garde Manger (not sure if this would be in my budget as menu not online).
Any help would be greatly appreciated (and is needed :)


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  1. You can try the new "baby" Club Chasse Et PĂȘche : "Le Filet" (on mont-royal st near Parc ave.)

    Garde Manger would fit the bill.

    Maybe "Le Chien Fumant" ?

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    1. re: Maximilien

      I agree with Chien Fumant - other options would be La Salle a Manger, or Bistro Bienville.
      If you don't already have a reservation at Garde Manger, chances are you won't be going there - but if by chance you got in, expect it to run $60 pp easily.
      Instead of Alep, you might want to consider its sister restaurant, Petit Alep, next door - they share the same kitchen, and many of the same dishes, but the prices are lower, and it's a bit more casual.

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        1. Les Trois Petits Bouchons
          - I swear by the place. Been twice, was even better the second time around. Grilled Octopus, Seared Duck Breast...everything is uber fresh, perfectly cooked and exceptionally tasty.

          Was just at Grade Manger Tuesday, and if I'd have to choose between the two, 3 Petits would be my choice.

          Pintxo- Tapas..very good. I found it much better than Tapeo (Flavour wise).

          Those would be my two suggestions.

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          1. re: mpjunior

            I seem to be in the minority, but I just had a truly horrible experience at Trois Petits Bouchons (posted elsewhere in the site). Uneven food, and truly appalling service. Your mileage may vary, particularly if you like expensive beef slathered in sweet sauce that tastes like something from a bottle, and if you don't wind your waiter turning to banter with the next table while he is making wine recommendations.

            1. re: Artichoq

              You are indeed in the minority - can't recall ever reading anything negative about the place before, and I've only had good experiences there. Perhaps you were there on a really off night (no excuse, but still - did you at least complain to someone about it?)

              1. re: cherylmtl

                No. The couple who had invited us were mortified and I didn't want to make the atmosphere any worse. It is simply not a fine dining restaurant. For $84 we received a massive cut of beef for two, served uncut on a common plate. We were apparently expected to hack at it with dollar store steak knives and transfer it to our own plates. Not fun for us to do, nor our companions to watch. When I asked if it could be sliced, it was returned hacked into five half-pound chunks. Gee, thanks. Also, when spending a few hundred bucks for a bottle of wine, I expect the waiter to review the wine list with me without turning his back to me and making jokes with the next table. That would be rude if I was ordering at McDonalds, and is absolutely inexcusable. Had we not been with company, I would have asked him what the hell he thought he was doing.

                1. re: Artichoq

                  I see le renoir (sofitel hotel) is opening their terrasse this weekend with music and DJ for the opening, grilled lobster with veggies, salad (and champagne) barbecue at lunch and dinner fridays, saturdays, and sundays till august --the cost is $52 with the glass of Mumm red champagne; seems the music is just for this weekend


                  Info 788-3038

                  you might like l arrivage in archeology museum for brunch because of view of old port but would be important to reserve as gets crowded, if warms up you could ask for table on narrow outdoor balcony for better view.