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Charcoal-grilled Steak

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Any recommendations on the best Houston restaurant for a charcoal-grilled steak?

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  1. I doubt you will find agreement as to one restaurant in a city such as Houston that is THE BEST at anything -- seafood, sushi, Indian, Italian, burgers, BBQ or steak. Amongst the best I would list:

    - Vic & Anthony's downtown
    - Pappas Steakhouse
    - Brenner's / Brenner's on the Bayou

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      Do those places actually use charcoal? That's what stumped me on this query.

    2. Brennan's? Del Friscos?

      1. The rodizio type places? I've never been, just not interested in the pig-out experience, but any place claiming to serve asados should be using charcoal, no?

        Or some of the other South American places that aren't rodizio style service - Samba Grill, Emporio, Saldivias? I checked some websites but didn't see any mentions of charcoal.

        Some of the Pollo Asado wagons around town actually cook on charcoal! Some also serve fajitas but I suspect you're looking for something a bit more formal?