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Feb 17, 2011 12:15 PM

Happy hour food on Rt 1

does anyone know of anyplace on Route 1 north of Boston (Saugus to Peabody) that does cheap eats for happy hour? Either side of route 1 is fine.

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  1. You can't find happy hours in MA, it's illegal. However, many places have app specials from around 3pm-7pm. Unfortunately, most places on rt1 are So here's some picks:

    Prince Pizza, just average.
    Hardcover, OK
    Mt. Vernon, barely average
    Angela's Woodfired Pizza, OK
    Santarpio's Pizza
    Kowloon's, OK Chinese
    Bertucci's Pizza, average
    Donatello's, average Italian

    Get the drift, nothing much to rush to.

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    1. re: treb

      Thanks. I am aware that a true "happy hour" is illegal in MA, I was just looking for cheap apps/food during those hours. Do all the places you listed have actual 3-7 ( or whatever time) specials? Or are you just listing places you think are half decent?

      1. re: Cathleen02

        if you are simply looking for a good time and nothing "fancy" u could try The Border Cafe Rt.1 North in Saugus...or a little further up Rt. 1 there is another Tex-Mex place that just opened up with in the last year called Fat Cactus in Lynnfield nothing says "happy hour" like a margarita and fresh nachos w/ salsa!