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Feb 17, 2011 12:05 PM

Where to buy Florida Avocados?

I just got back from Miami and bought the most glorious avocados from a farmer's market in South Beach. Nothing like the tiny Haas varieties available in NYC stores. Any thoughts on where I can buy some in NYC? My baby daughter loves them! Thank you!!!

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  1. I see them all the time at Stop and Shop on Union Turnpike in Forest Hills/Glendale
    Near to where they have the ginger in baskets

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    1. re: janie

      Thanks! Anyone happen to see any in Brooklyn by any chance?

      1. re: almcg

        Fairway in Red Hook should have them

    2. You can find them in latino supermarkets and green grocers in Caribbean neighborhoods. I see them at Pioneer, at the korean deli, at Key Food. You'll find them. Dont' worry.

      Try slicing one over sancocho or some other soup. Yum.