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Feb 17, 2011 12:03 PM

How can I find Florida Avocados in New York City

I just got back from Miami and bought the most glorious avocados from a farmer's market in South Beach. Nothing like the tiny Haas varieties available in NYC stores. Any thoughts on where I can buy some in NYC? My baby daughter loves them! Thank you!!!

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  1. I'm sure this post will get moved over to the Manhattan board.

    Fairway sometimes has Florida avocadoes as well as Haas (both from CA and from Mex). Though I have to say the one time I bought them I thought they were awful. No flavor at all and a strange (to me) texture. So I'm not sure that these will be what you experienced at a farmers' market in FL itself. Then again, I only tried that one time so maybe the fruit wasn't good that time.

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      Thanks! I had no idea of all the different kinds of avocados, but these Floridian ones were amazing. So flavorful. I'm obsessed. Maybe I can order them online. Thx again.

    2. People feel, from what I've read, that Florida avocados are not as good as Haas so they aren't readily available. I love them and I live in Florida but mostly get them at the farmers market. I planted an avocado tree but it got killed during hurricane Charley, fortunately my only damage. Avacados are hard to grow, I had that tree for three years and it was supposedly a 5 year old tree when I bought it and it has 4 fruits when it died. However, once they get going, then you have tons. It's the get going part that's hard.

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        Florida avocados have a higher water content and less creamy texture. The flavor is blander as a result of the water content, too. I prefer Hass, but will eat a FL avocado in a pinch. Fairway has them in season, always I've found.

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          There is no substitute for Hass avocados, they are the best.

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            I thought this was true too.....until I was enlightened


            Still haven't been able to try the suggestions though.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I've seen them on the upper west side, but can't remember where. Perhaps further uptown in a more heavily latino neighborhood.

          1. They are common fare in Puerto Rican cuisine. You might want to check out some ethnic markets