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Feb 17, 2011 11:28 AM

Final choices for Portland this weekend, critiques welcome

Arriving PDX early evening tomorrow. Staying at Hotel Lucia. Here are our choices:

Friday night: dinner at the counter at Le Pigeon, we'll walk to Beaker & Flask for drinks since we'll have to wait for the counter
Saturday breakfast: Navarre
Saturday lunch TBD, might not need anything
Saturday night: drinks at Central, dinner at Nostrana
Sunday breakfast: Urban Farmer at The Nines
Drive home!

We've had dinner at Navarre in the past, everything else is new. Thoughts?

1401 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214

Le Pigeon
738 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214

Urban Farmer
525 SW Morrison St., Portland, OR 97204

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  1. New: Little Bird, Rucker's new place near your hotel. Also St. Jack's in Clinton. Also June (must have reservation) a block or two from Le Pigeon. I agree with Mark Bittman and much prefer Toro Bravo to Le Pigeon, it's worth the wait. Saturday lunch, food carts, maybe Violetta although if I'm eating that rich at night I want something simple. Dessert: Chocolate souffle at Veritable Quandary. OT: Also going on right now, Portland Int'l Film Festival during rainy days, with venues near your hotel.

    Toro Bravo
    120 NE Russell St Ste A, Portland, OR 97212

    1. Other than breakfast at Urban Farmer, your itinerary looks great! I would consider a food cart for lunch, or a burger and fries at Little Big Burger if you are walking around the Pearl.

      Urban Farmer
      525 SW Morrison St., Portland, OR 97204

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      1. re: ekc

        I only chose Urban Farmer after seeing a rave here about their Eggs Benedict, should we give it a pass? We've done Mother's several times so I'd like to try something new. Plus I'm curious if The Nines should replace Hotel Lucia as our go-to hotel.

        Urban Farmer
        525 SW Morrison St., Portland, OR 97204

        1. re: caraely

          Well you should try the Eggs Benedict and then report back! It will give you a good feeling for the hotel, as the restaurant is located in/near the lobby in the atrium.

      2. I'm gonna third the suggestion to look into food carts for Saturday lunch if you're feeling up to it - beautiful weather for it, as well.

        Good Food Here, at SE Belmont & 43rd, is a pod with a nice selection (a dozen or so carts). The 15 bus also stops right out front if you want / need it.

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        1. re: JayinPortland

          Oh! And bonus points for being able to check out Cheese Bar afterwards, 17 blocks east of the pod at Belmont & 60th-ish. You could even do a light lunch there, in fact...