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Feb 17, 2011 10:32 AM


My husband & I went there last night...they just opened last week. Nice space...plenty of room between tables. They started us out with a small bowl of nuts, cheese and salami cubes and bread with very tasty chimichurri dip. Then they sent out an oxtail and trotter terrine- amazing! It wasn't a menu item and the waitress said the chef sends out something different each night.
We ordered the ham & the chicken empanadas-compared very favorably to ones we had daily on vac. in Buenos Aires. Haven't had any as good in Phila. H had the mixed grill..very nice portion -the blood sausage and grilled sweetbreads were standouts. I had the breaded chicken-very good-but not an exciting choice! Also loved the duck fat fingerlings that were served with both our entrees. Shared dessert-bread pudding-it was ok-probably not necessary and a rather heavy choice after all we ate! Chef/owner came out to speak with us-nice guy.
They weren't crowded but they're new and it was a weeknight. For the quality and price I think they'll catch on soon. We'll definitely be back.

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  1. Thanks for the report. Sounds like it's worth a try! Would you be willing to share what your total for dinner for two was?

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      $66 w/out tip. Most reasonable dinner we've had in awhile!

      1. A friend who grew up in Buenos Aires visited 943 with his wife Friday night. They really liked it. I guess that says a lot about the authenticity of the place. Review here:

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          My husband and I checked out the place for the first time last night. It was empty except for us and another couple. I was so pleased with our meal and I would definitely go back. We had a delicious grilled octopus dish to start and then shared a rib steak and ravioli. Then, we finished up with flan. Entree prices were affordable.

          i heard they make the sausage in house and that homemade ravioli was divine. Hurry up and check out the place.

        2. I had a great meal here this past weekend. There were a number of BOH issues: food pacing was strange, one dish never arrived, and they somehow ran out of water glasses (eventually the server just gave us water in coffee mugs). But they made everything right (comped an item plus dessert) and the service itself was good. They also doubled up on the amuse bouche (homemade lardo on crostini).

          But the food was great, standouts were grilled octopus--unbelievably tender, I'd put this up against the best in the city--the mixed grill with perfectly grilled sweetbreads and delicious blood sausage (among more typical cuts), and the homemade ravioli which was pretty much perfect. The desserts were good too, the flan was excellent and the lemon cookies with dulce de leche filling were just amazing, they should be selling these by themselves (Green Aisle Grocer folks take note).

          The price is right so we'll definitely be back. They need to fix a couple things; besides the issues noted above, some proper stemware would be nice (they only had tumblers for wine), and they need to do something about the noise (the big space echoes) and the sparse decor. I think they will benefit from an experienced manager to smooth over some of these things so the food can really shine. They said this past Saturday was their busiest night ever so I hope that they can afford to polish this place a bit, I don't think they'll make it if the wrinkles don't get ironed out.