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Feb 17, 2011 10:20 AM

Running low on ideas for Sunday nite (new to CHOW boards!!!)

Nice to be on the boards... I've gotten some good ideas in the past from all the knowledgeable people here! Been in ATL for 5 years now, 4 as a college student and now as someone who can (finally) afford some finer dining a little more often...

Looking for a Sunday dinner location with my dad coming into town... he's been to some great ATL restaurants but has still had limited exposure. I'd like somewhere relaxed enough where we can have a conversation, but it doesn't have to be stuffy. Trying to keep ideas centered on Midtown or Buckhead

We both love Italian and my first thought was La Pietra Cucina, but I've been before and would like to try something new... I've heard good things about Antica Posta. Thoughts?

He brought up Kyma for fresh fish... I haven't been but have heard mostly mixed reviews. And I'm thinking maybe not best for a Sunday?

Last idea would be Rathbun Steak... Somehow I've never quite gotten around to going, and we're both steakhouse fans. However, with Two Urban and Serpas under his belt, I wonder if I'd be overdoing the loud, hip, high-energy, sometimes overwhelming feel of those places in his Atlanta food experiences. Is it similar in that regard? I honestly don't know.

My fallback would probably be 4th & Swift... I've been twice but both times have been truly great meals. New ideas I haven't listed here are always welcome!!! Many thanks!

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  1. I really like the Sunday night supper at JCT a lot.

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      Thanks Mike... I love JCT (although never been there on a Sunday night), but both my father and I have been. I'd love to take him to a new spot... Sorry, probably should list places I know he's been to:

      -A few Buckhead Life spots (Veni Vidi Vici, Pricci, Bluepointe, Atl Fish Mkt)
      -A few Here2Serve spots
      -JCT Kitchen
      -Two Urban Licks

      1. re: joond1

        What about Eugene?
        I'm a fan of Antica Posta, and when I have a buckhead life gift card I usually go to Kyma.

        Antica Posta
        519 East Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, GA 30305

      1. re: mikek

        In the Antica category, i personally prfer Aria,but both can be a litle stuffy.For casual Italian, from Southern Italy I like Alfredos--its been there forever,great food, and wont break the bank--make reservation, or get there before 6:30.Ninos is close to Alfredos,also very good. As for steak,my fav is McKendricks near Perimter--if you go ask for Taco--to me best "meat" place in town and will prepare whatvere you want,however you want it,plus your sauce.It can run 80-100 each with wine dessert etc---quite place and not crowded on Sundays

      2. FYI, for the sake of circling back, one of the first things my dad mentioned when he got into town was that he was in the mood for some good Italian. With La Pietra Cucina closed and looking for something a little nicer than Alfredo's (although I admittedly must try it one of these days, being from Jersey and very fond of "way too much food on the plate" Italian places), I decided to go with what I know and took him to Sotto Sotto. Delicious as expected.

        My first trip to Antica Posta will have to wait for another day. For what it's worth, was great to see Inman restaurants packed on a Sunday night (not a table open at either Sotto Sotto or Fritti, and PURE was packed across the street).