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Feb 17, 2011 09:36 AM

Sparkling Wine Pairing for Sushi

In "What to Drink with What You Eat", sparkling wine is highly recommended as a good pairing with sushi. Can anyone recommend a well-priced sparkling wine to bring to a BYO sushi restaurant? If it helps, tuna, yellowtail and salmon are frequent menu choices.

In addition to sparkling wine, Japanese beer is listed as a good pairing. I know nothing about Japanese beers. Are there one or two that would pair particularly well? Thanks!

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  1. "Well-priced" means what specifically? Also, depending on where you live there may only be "one or two" Japanese beers available, making that part of the task easier.

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      Are you suggestion that ANY Japanese beer will do? Assuming I have choices (I live in PA but shop in Delaware), is there something in particular I should look for?

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        Unfortunately, most Japanese brand beers sold in the U.S. are actually brewed in Canada.
        However, beer is not right for sushi (except for casual fare) because it is too bitter and has the wrong kind of sweetness. Instead, I would recommend a good slightly chilled sake. Or, hot green tea always works well with sushi.

      2. If by well priced, you mean inexpensive rather than a great price for that Champagne, I'd recommend several. Of course, you are going to have to deal with non-vintage wines, but that is OK since they are often very good. I've always been a fan of Roederer Estate Brut Anderson Valley. Argyle makes a nice Brut from Willamette Valley. Actually, Mumm makes a nice Brut Napa Valley Prestige that would go well. All of these wines can be found for less than $30 and sometimes as low as $20 and were made in great quantity.

        That said, I also like to drink Burgundy with sushi, but that gets really expensive.

        1. Go with a good non-vintage champagne, preferably one with a yeasty style. Billecart-Salmon and Aubry if you can find them.

          1. To completely ignore your request I've been drinking Viognier and pilsner with sushi. The Viognier is a nice contrast with it's flowery fruity fullness while the Pils serves as delicious palate cleanser. Hitachino Nest Japanese beer is good and good with sushi. As for inexpensive Champagne alternative I'd suggest a Spanish cava.

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              Second the vote for Cava. The fresh and inexpensive stuff makes the fish and rice more flavorful, in a very good way. I actually prefer this kind of sparkler to a richer Champagne or Champagne-styled wine, if pairing with straightforward fish and rice.