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Where can I buy Harissa?

I have some turnips that I would like to slather in harissa and lemon, and set jealously next to a plate of minty couscous. Anyone know a store that sells harissa, so that I can complete my turnip torture? Preferably near Cambridge?

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  1. whole foods fresh pond carries it.

    1. If you want to be authentic, I'd hit Arax or Sevan in Watertown.. but as the other poster stated, its not hard to find. Its usually sold in a small can..

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        Among my friends from the Maghreb, it seems Tunisian is the favorite. You could also stop by the Halal butchers, since many of them are North African-run, such as Al-Hoda in Central. The lamb is very good there as well, and inexpensive, the merguez not bad. Some pickled lemons Moroccan-style might be nice for your dish too.

        Interesting enough Hi-Rise Bread Company makes their own Harissa for their sandwiches. It's very good and I often ask for it as an add-on or sub-in for mustard. They don't sell it, unfortunately.

        Hi-Rise Bread Company
        56 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA

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          Confirmed -- I have bought in a small 6oz can at Sevan.

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            that can will last forever - fortunately it freezes well

        2. Thank you all so much for the info! I appreciate your input, and I can't wait to go explore these places.

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            I've also seen it recently at Capone Foods in Somerville (but I assume their Mass Ave. location would also have it). I believe that Christina's Spices typically has it as well, but you'd want to call and check.

          2. I think I got some, a small tomato-sauce-sized can, not too long ago at Syrian Grocery Importing Co. in the South End.


            Syrian Grocery Importing Co
            10 Damrell St, Boston, MA

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              You can get it to go from the Middle East restaurant.

              There are only a few things I enjoy eating there, but I think the harissa's good.

              Middle East Restaurant
              472 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139

              1. Formaggio's in cambridge has it in a tube imported from somewhere in N.
                Africa (I forget exactly where) for around $4. I didn't buy it because being a newbie to harissa, I wasn't sure if a tube was the way to go. Is the canned better? No doubt it keeps better in a tube, but I don't know if that would be the equivalent of anchovy paste, which runs a distant second in my estimation to even the cheapest canned anchovies.

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                  I the tube you saw was DEA, that is my favorire, hands down.

                2. It's also easy to make. But, I would ask the folks at one of the Watertown markets to recommend a great version from their supply.

                  1. Maybe too late, but they also sell the kind that's in a tube (from France, I think) at the Gypsy Kitchen in Quincy. Right off Quincy Center T station.

                    1. Was in the Fresh Pond Whole Foods today and there in the midst of the Chinese and Thai sauces was a small jar of harissa, organic, imported from Tunisia, around $10, which seemed expensive. Anyone tried it? There was an empty space next to it with a label for another kind of harissa for $3, but no way to know if it was tube, jar or can. Anyhow, I think I'll head to Watertown to check out the Armenian markets.

                      1. I'm pretty sure I got mine at Sofra - it was pricey but delicious.

                        1 Belmont St, Cambridge, MA 02138

                        1. I'm pretty sure I saw it at the Butcherie in Coolidge Corner. And there are Middleeastern grocers in Watertown which I'm sure will carry some! Mmm enjoy!

                          1. I love the Belazu Rose Harissa I buy at Sofra's.

                            1 Belmont St, Cambridge, MA 02138

                            1. I'm almost positive I've seen it at Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis Square. Check that place out--you'll probably find all kinds of amazing things that you've had a hard time finding.

                              Dave's Fresh Pasta
                              81 Holland St, Somerville, MA 02144