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Feb 17, 2011 09:16 AM

Does anybody know the correct name for this drink?

Several years ago I had a drink that one place called a "screaming chicken". At another place it was called something else with monkey or ape in the name. The drink is made with equal parts of Meyer's 151 and Green Chartreuse in a pony glass.

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    1. re: mvheartscw

      You'd think with Bacardi it would be called a Screaming Bat

    2. When I was a bartender in college we called that a green lizard. It was part of the trifecta guaranteed to make a drunken frat boy puke on his birthday...

      Prairie Fire (Yukon Jack with a dash of Tabasco)
      Green Lizard
      Prairie Fire (Yukon Jack with a dash of Tabasco)

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      1. re: hambone

        We used to call them Flaming Dragons, since you set the 151 on fire.

        As for the Prarie Fires, we used to make a variation on those when I was in the Army. It was one shot of white tequila (the cheapest you could buy) with a dash of Tabasco sauce...

        It was our noobie greeting ritual. We lined one of them for each month you were in-country, and you had to drink them. Nobody ever finished all 24 shots on the first go, but we never told them that.

        1. re: deet13

          My experience is also that a prairie fire is tequila and Tabasco. Don't know abot the rum and chartreuse, though.

      2. Thanks, folks. It's interesting to note that different places serve slight variations and give it a different name. As I mentioned, the one I had was made with Meyer's,(which happens to be my favorite rum) instead of Bacardi, and was not flamed. Sippin' smooth but potent.