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Feb 17, 2011 08:11 AM

Looking for Cinnamon Basil

Tried a dish with cinnamon basil for the first time and was blown away by the taste. I cannot recall ever seeing it for sale in any of the stores I have been in. Does anyone know if it is available in the GTA? Thanks.

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  1. you may have to wait until the summer to get a supply since i find that the variety of fresh herbs only increases when shops are selling for gardens. it is quite basic right now. when summer does roll around it's likely that organics 4 life in kensington will have a great variety of options.

    1. In summer, Fiesta Gardens has cinnamon basil plants for sale.

      1. I think Richter's Herbs have seedlings year round, and they ship. They will definitely have seeds.

        1. Cinnamon basil is amazing. We grew them from seed. I have never plants for sale. Will have to check out Fiesta Farms in summer. Thanks for the info.