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Feb 17, 2011 07:49 AM

Mario Batali "side dish"--useful?

I saw this Mario Batali enameled cast iron side dish on clearance for $5 yesterday, and passed on it at the time. Now I'm wondering if it might be handy--but for what? It's small--I found dimensions listed as 13x4x2-in, though I suspect those are outside not inside. I've thought about using the no-knead bread recipe, cut in half, to make a small baugette. It doesn't come with a cover but you could use heavy duty foil. For $5 it may be worth taking a chance, but..... Any other ideas?

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  1. I like the size. Breads, baked pastas, casseroles, baked egg dishes. For $5 I'd pick up a couple.

    1. At $5, it's a major bargain. Even if you used it to hold your small change, it's still a Mario Batali logo piece. Given the dimensions, you probably could use it to make a pate. Man, take the chance. I wish I had that clearance sale where I come from.

      1. Terrine?

        The Le Creuset one is similar dimensions, much more expensive.