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Feb 17, 2011 07:47 AM

Broke Glass Pasta Jar!

I am sad....broke one of my blue-green glass pasta jars with cork and can't find a replacement anywhere online. Does anyone have any ideas?

I think I originally got them from Pier 1 but they don't have any now. I checked Cost Plus, Ikea, all the major stores, online glass stores, even ebay and can't find them. I see clear jars or small ones for olive oil but none for pasta with cork top and color of mine.

They look so perfect in my kitchen too :(

Thanks for any help...

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    1. Sorry about your jar.

      It occurred to me that you might look at the bottom piece of your broken jar to see if there's a maker's mark or brand name, then look that up online for replacements.

      I bet you've had that jar for a long time. Cork closures were sort of a 1970's-1980s thing, and the jars and canisters out there now all seem to have plastic or rubber seals (like the old Mason jars).

      You might keep your eyes open at flea markets and yard sales.

      1. They show up on eBay and Etsy from time to time: .

        I think this type of tinted glass jar with a cork lid is often called an apothecary jar.

        1. salvation army or value village. If you bought it at pier 1 so did others and they will pop up