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Dec 20, 2005 01:07 PM

Dry malt extract / local homebrew supply shop

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I'm looking for powdered, dry malt extract for use as a baking ingredient in the central Orange County / Long Beach / South Bay area. It's sold relatively cheaply in homebrew supply shops. I know that I can source malt syrup more easily, but that's not what I'm after.

Hi Times Too in Costa Mesa was a brewing supply shop, but it closed some time ago, and the only other place I know of is O'Shea Brewing in Laguna Niguel.

Do you know of other options north of Irvine, toward the Long Beach / South Bay area?

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  1. Hi Prof. S. Have you seen this listing before, (it may help you find what you are looking for)?


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      Stein Fillers in Long Beach is on the list. It's near Boeing/LB City College. Odd hours, so call first, but they have a great selection of beer-making supplies and are always wonderfully helpful.

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        Professor Salt

        That's a great list, WLA. Thanks, I'm working the phones right now.

      2. What are you looking for? I have some connections for you locally to OC (the guy who owns the stuff in High Times).

        If you are after a particular type of DME (light, med or dark), I might have some back stock in need of moving for FREE (I used to brew quite heavily).

        If not, try Culver City, Stien Fillers or O'Shea's in Laguna Niguel (but his prices are VERY high).

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          Professor Salt

          Hi oc climber,

          I'm looking for diastatic light DME. I'm using it as a bread dough adjunct, and the diastase enzyme is what I'm after. It might be fun to play with other flavors like rice or rye DME, but initially, I want straight barley malt in the lightest color.

          Powdered DME is easier to measure out than syrup, which is too gloopy for any sort of precision or repeatability in the tablespoon-at-a-time volumes I'll be using.

          It sounds like you'd rather keep your contact on the DL, so please email me off line. Thanks for the offer.

            1. re: Professor Salt

              Wow, I'm a little late to this party, but I'm looking for same as you, Professor Salt. I made bagels today for the very first time thanks to the encouragement and suggestions found here on Chow. The recipe called for DME. I couldn't get any fast enough before my impulse to do this passed. So I used some Hawaiian Honey instead...something's better than nothing. The result was not disappointing, especially compared to the "white bread" things sitting on my counter being sold as bagels. I can't wait to make the next batch with DME. So, how did your bread turn out?

              1. re: Chickpea218

                Hi Chickpea,

                My bagel formula eventually turned out great after a month's worth of baking every day. But this topic isn't allowed on the L.A. board (strictly for local sources of ingredients / restaurant picks / food related services in L.A.) Instead, start a new topic on the Home Cooking board, where our resident cooks and bakers swap tips:

                You can also see the progress of my bagel project on my blog:


          1. i know its a bit out of your range, but i recommend:

            Beer Wine & Cheese Shop
            22836 Ventura Blvd Unit 2
            Woodland Hills, CA 91364
            (800)559-9922 Fax: (818)224-3812