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Feb 17, 2011 07:06 AM

Recommendations for Milan

Hello to all !!

I'm going to Milan on Business and need reco's for lunch/dinner. I will be staying in Sesto San Gionavanni (far from center) but will take the metro. I'm looking for informal good places (i.e. trattorias/osterias) mostly frequented by local. Nothing fancy at this time. Your ideas will be appreciated


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  1. I remembered a wonderful place I ate in a few years back, and when I Googled.. found this. It sounds as if the place is still good and around after 74 years. Take a map... it was a bit difficult to find. The street had quite a few good, informal choices and is close to the Duomo.

    1. I had excellent osso bucco with risotto at Osteria del Binari (Via Tortona 1) a few months back.

      1. adding links to restaurants discussed.

        Here are some places in the direction of Sesto San Giovanni that came up on a search of the Restaurant page

        Da Abele is in your direction and is one of the restaurants I am particularly interested in visiting.
        Specializes in risotto

        Da Abele
        Via Temperenza,5, Milan, Lombardy , IT

        Trattoria Milanese
        Via Santa Marta, 11, Milan, Lombardia 20123, IT

        Osteria del Binari
        Via Tortona, 1, Milan, Lombardia 20144, IT